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Jordandunk23 03-31-2010 10:04 PM

Off Season Player Improvements
After watching the rockets this season, what do you guys think each individual player should mainly work on? Interested to see what your opinions are...

Brooks - man to man defense. he is already a sharpshooter and quick when he attacks the basket. his mid range game will continue to develop along with the rest of his offense. I think he will also mature into a better distributor and floor general. BUT i really believe he needs to work on his defense, it seems like opposing point guard take advantage of him on defense.

Kevin Martin - HEALTH. he is already a sharpshooter from deep, solid mid range game, and quick when he attacks the basket, he has been a 90% FT in houston. decent court vision. i think he needs to be a better man to man defender BUT the number thing for Kmart is to stay healthy next season.

Ariza - Shooting. This season he is shooting around 37% from the field and about 31% from deep. This is partly due to too much freedom on offense. but that does not mean he shouldn't work on it. He is shooting i think 65% from the FT line. That shot needs alot of repetition. Next season Id like to see more drives, less contested shots, and possibly more rebounding?

Scola - not sure exactly. he is a solid defender and a hustler. he is our best rebounder this season. he has solid post moves and he has a solid mid range jumper. If anything he could continue working on finishing with his left hand.

Yao - Health!

Lowry - shooting. he is one of the best back up point guards in the game. he is relentless when he drives to the basket. he is a solid free throw shooter, he changes the pace of the game and he has good court vision. But an improved 3 point range will really help his game.

Budinger - continue to improve. he is already a solid shooter mid range and from deep. he can drive to the basket. he is athletic as hell. he just needs to continue to improve his overall game.

Jordan Hill - hes a quick jumper which means he will get rebounds. he can put the ball through the hoop from hustle and he has a nice mid range jumper. I guess just continue to work on post moves and his overall game.

Jermaine Taylor - continue improvement. he works on defense, he has a pretty good jumper. he just needs to continue improving his overall game and gain some experience. he could be a really good player.

David Anderson - defense and rebounding. not sure what his role is going to be next season but definitely his defense and his rebounding. that will determine his playing time next season.

... thoughts?

L.Kizzle 04-01-2010 07:10 PM

Re: Off Season Player Improvements
Win more games !

Jordandunk23 04-01-2010 09:08 PM

Re: Off Season Player Improvements
yeah Yao Mings return and individual improvements could do the trick lol

Q.E.C 04-09-2010 04:30 PM

Re: Off Season Player Improvements
I really hope Jermaine Taylor can improve this off-season. I think he has some good potential and can be great with us in the future.

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