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Jasper 04-16-2010 07:59 PM

B. Jennings by the numbers

Well all year long I have been pissed off about shot taking as well as distribution that this PG has made.
(many of my arguements were based on the start of the season, including Oct: when he shot 51% , but was taking 20 shots per game , and looking to shoot instead of distribute. )
Nov : the decline started 42% shooting , but huge amounts of hype and Jennings is my fav player of all time quotes.

Well the above splits show on average he was taking 18-20 shots a game , as much or more than any other player on the team and the last 6 months averaged out as 35%.
**Many games he was at 25% Yea 1 of 4 shots went in.
It amazes me , that the Bucks record and getting into the playoff actually occurred , and if you didn't notice , many final minutes of games the last month Ridnour was running the point.

Here is the monthly break down of my whole years arguement :
Oct : 51%
Nov : 42%
dec: 37%
jan : 32%
feb : 30%
mar: 38%
apr: 36%
may: 37%
This off season , he needs to do what I have been harping about all year :
make himself the 3rd or 4th option.
he can easily score 15 ppg on far less shooting , a higher percentage and become more valuable to his team.

Think of Stockton : he had 2-3 go to spots that once there , his teammates knew he would shoot it. It was also a setup shoot for a dishout to him for those spot up 'J's".

If you can remember back to Johnny-Mac when he played in the 70's , he did the same ,as a SG and PG's found him.

Jennings is young and will learn and develop.
Besides his shooting I hope Skiles also works with him about his defense.

09/10 playoff's with out Bogut will be a miserable up hill war against Atl.
jennings has Stackhouse , and John S. to rely on for vet experience ... problem is , Atl will beat the Bucks inside , not their perimeter play.
I think the Bucks match up well on the perimeter ... but Smith is a freakin' beast.

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