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eeemmad 06-25-2010 04:45 PM

Funny 2010 NBA draft blog - opinions welcomed

Copy & paste (click on link to see all the videos and pictures):

NBA Draft Blog 2010 Round 1 - Fight!

It begins. David Stern - "to all of our unruly fans" great David - that's why the fans love you.

The memories of Kwame Brown rush back as the Wizards draft first. Steven A. Smith said it best here "Kwaaame Brown is gone - throw a parade. A bonafide scrub. He has small hands"

With the first pick of the nba draft... no suprise, John Wall. Do the John Wall dance D.C. - Better than Derrick Rose? Athletically speaking both are similar but Rose seems more like a facilitator.

2nd pick - Evan Turner - 76ers - - As expected, like everyone says, reminds us of Brandon Roy. Don't expect him to be better than that. Can't see him and Iggy "i destroy possession by holding that rock" Daly Lama. Doug Collins interview - wheres Marv Albert

3rd pick - Derrick Favors - Nets - Again as expected. Jup, no surprise. 18 years old? I see a bit of Tyrus Thomas's unassertiveness or Dwight. More Dwight when he was in high school. whats his religious denomination? Like Dwight, he was High School Player of the Year in 2009.

4th pick - Wesley Johnson - Timberwolves- The player I like the most. Ups and a shot. Damn, whats he wearing. Is that Fransworth Bentley? Whats he wearing - don't know whats worse - the shirt, tie or pajamas. Still balling. I love his game to death. This might save Johnny Flynn's career - old college teammate.

5th pick - DeMarcus Cousins - Kings - The critics make him sounds like JaMarcus Russell. Can't have fun when you play or else your labeled with "character issues." Hopefully for Sac Town - hes not. With only 23.5 minutes he averaged 15.1 points 9.8 rebounds at KU - amazing numbers. He's going to be great. Tyreke Evans & DeMarcus Cousin - Callipari connection. Damn De, put the blunt down for a minute - you high as hell tonight aren't you - "I'm a kid that likes to have fun" doing his Will Smith - Parents Just Don't Understand impression.

6th - Eekpe Udoh - Golden State Warriors - I felt like this draft guaranteed 5 great players. This draft is deep - everyone offers something special. Basically, no Hashit ThaBEAT in the first 5.

Damn, Warriors - the first supriser: Eekpe udoh. Although some mock drafts called this. Haven't seen him much. Don't like this one bit. They already got Biedrins and his $54 million contract, not to mention Wright and Randolph. I'm part of the FREE RANDOLPH club, please let him play Donny. Worse part - both play a similar game. He might be better than Biedrins already. That guy has no offense and a free throw that resembles grandma at the line.

7th pick - Greg Monroe - Detroit Pistons - God, would have been perfect in the Warriors system. Didn't they sign Charlie No Brows to fill the PF spot last summer. In my opinion, since drafting Darko in 2003, Dumars has been one of the worst GMs. Signing Ben, Charlie V - trading for Iverson while at the same time trading away the finals MVP Chauncey "Pull Up" Billups. Worst move: Had the chance to get Rondo/Allen for Prince/Rip/etc.

This just came from my friend Kenny regarding the Warriors pick, "i cant even say this fools name rite, sounds like an Ethiopian version of Skype," Eekpe - Skype, i guess Kenny

copy & paste limit. check out the link.

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