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PHILA 07-15-2010 07:12 AM

Defense on Wilt Chamberlain in the 60's.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Jan 8, 1960

'"I was disgusted in college with the slow offenses and stall tactics. College basketball needs some version of the the pro's 24 second rule."

The native Philadelphian observed that one thing he learned quickly in the NBA was that although zone defenses are illegal, he is faced with modified zones every time he plays.

"I was looking forward to the pro style of man-to-man defense, but in my case it's men on man. They sandwich me and drop other defenders off to try and steal the ball. I asked one official why he didn't invoke the no zone ruling and he replied:

"Too Much Else"

'"I haven't called a zone in this league in 11 years, and I'm not going to start to do it now. There is too much else going on that bears watching to bother looking for so-called zones."'

Chamberlain, who some feel may become the greatest basketball player of all time, says the theory that two or three good outside shots can break up
a zone doesn't work in his case.

"You wouldn't want a better outside shot that our Paul Arizin, but they drop off Paul to hamper me. It adds up to the fact they would rather take a chance on an outside shot than allow me to work inside."

Chamberlain, who relaxes by singing, dancing and playing the bongo drums, refuses to complain about the terrific physical beating he takes. He describes it as a hazard of the game.

"I feel," says Wilt, "that the roughhouse tactics started when some players found out that I was much better than they expected. I get it from all angles. Some grab my shorts and hold me down. Others latch onto an arm, while their teammates go up for a rebound."

"Paid To Score"

Retorts Wilt:

"People just don't understand the problems of players like Jack Twyman Cincinnati's league leading scorer and myself. We have to let down on some phases of the game in order to score. We are paid to score. If we don't get out 30-35 points a game there is a good chance our team will lose."

"Take Russell for example. He's a great defensive player because he doesn't have to worry about scoring. His assignment is to get the rebound and block as many shots as he can. Boston has plenty of scorers. If Russell had to score he could average 25 points or more a game easy."'

jongib369 08-12-2012 07:53 AM

Re: Defense on Wilt Chamberlain in the 60's.
How has NO ONE commented on this? No trolls even? :confusedshrug:

Thanks for the post I enjoyed reading it!

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