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MannyO 10-30-2010 09:23 PM

Scoring Ability
Have you guys ever played with somebody that no matter how hard or whatever bad angle the person is they still find a way to score? I was playing against someone like that the other day and he was a scorer, he just knew how to put the ball in the basket.

What I want to know is how to develop the ability to have a touch and be able to MAKE shots. I have noticed that I do not finish well around the basket and I need to learn how to improve this.

ALSO ball control. Lately I have been trying to regain my ball handling ability since I had injured my thumb. My handles just feel so loose and the ball slips out of my hands too easily when I am performing a crossover or something.
How do I improve my ball control?

So thats 2 questions:
1. How to improve my shot making/finishing around the basket
2. Ball control

OMG its McLovin 10-30-2010 10:11 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
Make sure you're choosing the right finish for the situation. E.g. If you're trying to drive into a gap in the defense you should almost always finish with a finger roll to prevent too much power being put into the shot. Try to get into your best shooting angle first, if you can't get into that angle then go to your second best angle and so on.

I've encountered players that can finish almost anywhere too, usually its because they try to put you off balance so they can make contact without getting blocked, regain balance easier and to draw a foul. To finish at the rim better you first want to make sure that your layup/post move is perfect without any pressure. Now you need to find a way to put them off balance or to find a way past them. To put them off balance try and perfect a crossover, use it in a one on one situation, and try and curve around them as soon as the crossover is completed. You should also work on driving at gaps, basically run full speed at a gap in the defense, if it closes you can either pass, add a crossover, spin move, end the dribble and finish with a post move, power layup or floater, there are even more options but its up to you.

For ball handling do these drills daily-
Around the world - Circle the ball around your head, waist and knees
Squeezes- Put the ball on your fingertips, squeeze and catch
Figure 8- Make a figure 8 by weaving the ball around your legs
Leg wraps- Circle the ball around your knee
Low dribbles- Dribble with the ball about 2-4 inches above ground
Alternate hikes- One hand infront one hand behind holding the ball between knees, shift hands so your behind hand is infront and infront hand is behind without the ball touching the ground
Drum Dribbles- Dribble the ball very low alternating hands extremely quickly as if you were drumming. Make sure you're developing a rhythm not just hitting it randomly.

Do all these as fast as you can, if your stuffing up that just means your pushing your limit. Hope I helped

Timmy D for MVP 10-30-2010 10:39 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
Idk if this is the suggested way to develop some touch but I got really adept at using the board on a lot of my shots and layups in near the basket. It gives me the ability to switch my angle too depending on who's guarding me. The other thing I do personally is practice my shots how I would have to shoot them in a game. So I'll pretend there;s someone guarding me and will run game speed, take different leans, etc.

For handling I can't help you much. Haha. Easily the weakest aspect of my game.

carpevicis 10-30-2010 11:08 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
For finishing, use pads, they are so useful. One of the gyms I go to has these different pads designed for football and boxing as well as other sports, basically get a partner and practice finishing with different hits. For example, the linebacker pad can be placed under the basket and you can drive and have your partner hit you with the pad as you go up. The thing weighs like 50lbs so it hits your body pretty hard.

Or using the boxing pad, have him provide constant pushing/bumping until you go up for the layup/shot and then he hits you with it. These all teach you to keep composure after a foul and to finish the shot if the foul isn't called.

For ball handling, contrary to what most people would say, I'd avoid doing the stationary dribbling drills. Not saying that they aren't useful, because they definitely are great ways to improve your dribbling and finger control, but they don't really improve ball handling. There's a difference between dribbling and ball handling, dribbling is how well you can dribble (obviously), and ball handling is how you move the ball and control it in a game situation.

All the stationary dribbling moves don't help you in a game as much as you'd think. Lots of people are good at them but come game time are still turnover prone. Same for me, whenever the defense closes in, my handle gets shaky even though I used to do those drills.

My best advice is to use the full court and have constant pressure. The key to being a good ball handler is to adapt to the worst situation possible, which is major hacking and fouling. Today I did a drill where I had to get into the paint while a defender was hitting me and slapping at my hands and arms. Once you can do that efficiently, pressure won't affect you because you're used to all the hits. So practice taking the ball up and down the court and to various spots while you're being fouled or double teamed or whatever situation you want to recreate.

AJ2k8 10-31-2010 12:12 AM

Re: Scoring Ability
For finishing around the hoop i think i'd just recommend getting used to being around the rim and what you can do in each position. For instance I've noticed that i have a really good touch around the rim with my off hand and the only thing i've done to train my left hand was stand almost underneath the hoop and practice on the hook with each hand and then layups with either hand. Do this everytime you shootaround and you'll notice your touch come to you in game aswell.

As for ball handling, I've never been a huge fan of stationery drills. However not too long ago i set myself up a little obstacle course and tried to do as many moves as possible (crossovers, around the backs etc.) within the course whilst getting up and down the course, If you want to challenge yourself then you could try timing yourself. Since i did that i noticed an astounding improvement in my handle and i would probably continue doing the drill but it seems every week after my games i've got some injury that needs to be rested:(

ghettoracer 10-31-2010 12:06 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
You don't need killer fancy handles. You just need to have solid control of the ball while being able to keep focus on defender (and more importantly, your teammates) and move the ball accordingly. You don't need fancy ball movements (like all the silly and1 dribbling) if you know proper spacing and you can keep the ball just out of reach of the defender. Nothing will frustrate them more if you can do that while you dribble it kinda slowly and tease them. If they reach/commit, you're gone.

An experienced scorer relies on the combination of speed, change of pace, fakes, spins (pivot footwork) and can get the shot off at will. You need to have solid foundation to be able to do that and that will take years to develop and get comfortable. Around the basket that would mean being able to finish with either hands, baby hook shots, for mid range - sky hooks, rainbow drop shots, bank shots are useful skills to have.

bobbyflay 10-31-2010 02:15 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
I too have realized the facts of stationary dribbling drills.. While I am in a game, sometimes I have WTF moments where I know I can do a move, but I just don't do it. Now I do only several ball handling drills and practice the actual move I want to do in game motion.

ON TOPIC: It's best to just not to learn "how to score when the guy is tall" or "how to score when there's one guy that's tall and another guy that's short but has long hands". It's best to just learn.. well how to score. I can't really explain it, but I'm hoping one of the guys here know how to.

jerzymade 10-31-2010 05:06 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
okay well the mikan drill will help with finishing and you can do reverse layups and double clutches. You will know where the rim is and how to use the backboard which is the most important part of finishing. When i was overweight i didnt have much lift but i could still finish because i knew how to use the backboard. and create space by going into the body of the defender which alot of players make a mistake at and get their shot blocked 90% of the time. Stay low so you can be explosive that important too.

O and ball handling pound the ball and do your crossovers at game speed and try to add different combo's. I never did drills i just did all the moves i saw on tv and dribbled a lot that how i improved my handles.

MannyO 10-31-2010 06:58 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
Some good advice here. I'm trying to figure out how to improve shot making. Like let's say I make a nice move and get to the basket or space for a jumpshot I sometimes end up missing those easy ones. Some players just make shots no matter what and how bad of an angle they are in I just want to get that touch.

Also what are the traits of an elite scorer?

carpevicis 10-31-2010 10:00 PM

Re: Scoring Ability

Originally Posted by MannyO
Some good advice here. I'm trying to figure out how to improve shot making. Like let's say I make a nice move and get to the basket or space for a jumpshot I sometimes end up missing those easy ones. Some players just make shots no matter what and how bad of an angle they are in I just want to get that touch.

Also what are the traits of an elite scorer?

Check out Carmelo Anthony, he is easily the best/deadliest scorer I've seen. Here's what I think makes an elite scorer.

They have to be deadly from everywhere, from the post to the mid range to the perimeter as well as the free throw line. It's why players like Tyreke Evans and Anthony Morrow aren't elite scorers. They can dominate from inside and outside but that's it, so their defenders can guard them easily.

Then I think they have to want to score, they want to take every shot they can get and the team game comes second. A high level scorer knows he's a scorer and he knows he can get points so there isn't any doubt when he has the ball that he will put the ball in the bucket.

And finally I think a scorer has to have the mentality that shots will be missed but it doesn't matter. Efficiency can't really be valued because a low percentage (by low I mean around 40-50) is a by product of the high amount of shots they take.

magnax1 10-31-2010 10:58 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
If you can develop a nice hook, or some other go to type shot near the rim, then scoring becomes a lot easier. Other then that, you just have to practice. If you can't finish, then just run at the hoop and try a gajillion different layups a gajillion different times. People who can make tough shots all the time are generally the people who practice the most, and have played the most time in games. So just keep practicing the shots you want to be able to make.

MannyO 11-01-2010 12:29 AM

Re: Scoring Ability
Yea also one thing i noticed about melo's game is how smooth it is. Its like there is a certain rhythm and he has real good footwork. The pullup is one of his deadly weapons which I need to develop and also quick strong post moves. Kevin durant is another great scorer but I feel melo is capable of creating his own shots better.

Maga_1 11-01-2010 02:24 AM

Re: Scoring Ability
Check out Brandon Roy for me it's the most complete 1on1 player in the league now .. Smooth, classy, don't rush things .. can put the ball on the rim, hitting his deadly mid range jumper and score from downtown when he wants.

scm5 11-02-2010 05:13 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
Monta Ellis is an example of a great "scorer". He attacks the basket really well and gets the ball in the basket every way imaginable. He also has a pretty good jumper.

JMT 11-02-2010 06:00 PM

Re: Scoring Ability
Make sure you know where your spots are. Very few players at any level can score from anywhere. They just do a better job of getting to the spots they know they can be successful from.

Have a game plan. I played through college and was a scorer but not a shooter (I wasn't going to kill you all day with open j's, but I shot it well enough). It's very much like a football coach who has plays scripted. Think about how people guard you and work on setting them up. I knew which shots I hit a real high %, and made sure I got one of them early in a game to build confidence and give the defender something to think about. I also never used a head fake...until it was time for a must-have or closeout hoop. Defenders never had to pay attention to that move, so they forgot about it. Worked every time.

Becoming a good scorer is just as much a mentality as it is a skill set. Play one-on-none, just like we all did as kids. Think about how the game reacts around you when you do certain things. They always talked about Manning-Harrison practicing the "route tree"; all the routes came off of the same basic pattern. Develop variations off the things you already do well and you'll find more scoring opportunities finding you.

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