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NuggetsFan 11-23-2010 01:24 AM

Ty Lawson.
When's he ready to step up and start? With Billups playing awful to start the year and Ty not really stepping up as much as he could be when does Ty Lawson get his chance to start?. Karl's showed IMO he'll have anyone come off the bench and he'll go with the lineup he wants. So when does Ty force Karl's hand and make it a true question?.

Quick glance over some game logs. When Ty plays 27 minutes or more he averages 15.8\4.8\2.5 on 55% and 46% from deep.15 games. We all know he had his tear last year when Billups was out too. His best aspect tho is the way he controls the tempo. Can push it in transition and has no problem slowing it down and running a play.

13.8\4.7\1.9 on 34%\31% in 32 minutes. 13 games. Is what Billups is doing right now.

In my opinion I say start Lawson right now or within 5-6 games if Denver keeps up the slow start. Billups won't mind and can still space the floor in the 2nd unit. Lawson's penetration will do wonders for the starters and he can still space the floor all tho not as good as Billups. With Denver's slow start we need something that says to Melo "you need to stay". A team that's 8-6 doesn't say that. Maybe Denver turns it on and you can forget about this plan. If not why not risk Lawson breaking up and becoming a 16\8 kinda guy nightly. You don't lose production off the bench either because you've got Billups. Shows Melo some promise to the Nuggets future. If it doesn't work out you took your shot and at the very least groomed your future PG more.

Maybe it's because it's been 13 games. I just don't like what I'm seeing with Billups when I watch Lawson play :confusedshrug:

el gringos 11-23-2010 08:29 AM

Re: Ty Lawson.
Terrible idea_ you don't want to start 1 dimensional players if you don't have to, his defense hurts the team and I don't get how you think he "runs the offense" or "stretches the floor"
If it was about doing something to make it better for carmelo you take sheldon williams and afflalo off the floor and start JR so that the other team can't always double and triple carmelo- would they leave jr the way they leave afflalo? No
Lawson should do what he does, he should be the offensive spark off the bench- his passing while driving is getting better but he is still an offense for himself only 1 dimensional player
Why do you not believe that nba defenses cover players the way they do for a reason? Opponents would love a 5-10 guy dominating the ball and running at the hoop every play a lot more than they would want the ball in carmelos hands

NuggetsFan 11-23-2010 10:16 PM

Re: Ty Lawson.
I'm not even sure why I respond to you. Just for fun I'll debunk what you said about teams not leaving J.R open and leaving AA open.

This year.

J.R - 12-31 for 38% from deep. 2.6 attempts per game
AA - 20-46 for 43% from deep. 3.3 attempts per game

Last year.

J.R - 158-467 for 33%. 6.2 attempts per game
AA- 108-249 for 43$. 3 attempts per game


If it was about doing something to make it better for carmelo you take sheldon williams and afflalo off the floor and start JR so that the other team can't always double and triple carmelo

This ship really has sailed. AA is the better 3 point shooter. J.R can make tougher shots, is more athletic and fancy and has more big game potential. Arron is simply for efficient and makes and takes smarter shots.

As for your Lawson comments. He's far from one dimensional. If anything that's Billups. Billups can either knock down the 3 or get to the line. Lawson can knock down open shots, get into the line, and his penetration passing does wonders for guy's like AA\J.R\Harrington\Nene\Melo. He can break down defenses.

tomlakers21 09-21-2011 03:28 PM

Re: Ty Lawson.
Where does Lawson rank amongst NBA pgs?

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