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sportin_life 11-29-2010 07:41 PM

Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
Thanks for the help so far. I think my team looks a lot better than it did starting the season, when I made the mistake of drafting Anthony Randolph and Mike Miller (before he got injured).

I'm still really weak on guards and want to trade something for one, but not sure what to aim for. So far, all my trade offers have been rejected. People in this league seem to not like to make moves unless it benefits them ridiculously (eg. got offered Ray Allen for Granger... :wtf: )

Who should I target? Which players should I move to do it? Miller is sitting on waivers, should I grab him back even though he's out another 3-4 weeks?

14-team roto, standard 9-cat:

PG: Jose Calderon
SG: Wesley Matthews
G: Mike Conley
SF: Danny Granger
PF: David Lee
F: David West
C: Tim Duncan
C: Lamarcus Aldridge
Util: Jeff Green
Util: Paul Milsap
Bench: Channing Frye
Bench: Serge Ibaka
Bench: Carlos Boozer (inj)

Waiver players of note:
Mike Miller (inj)

dkmwise 11-29-2010 09:41 PM

Re: Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
I would try to move Duncan, Millsap or Frye. You are pretty good at PF/C but you can't afford to lose Granger at SF. Duncan has the name recognition and Millsap and Frye have played really well lately so depending who you trade with (experience wise) will depend who you send in the offer.

I would say try to target players like Kevin Martin or Manu Ginobli.

I think a Duncan for Ginobili or Millsap for MArtin would be realistic. And with David Lee back and Boozer eventually coming back you should be set at PF.

benJAMin 11-30-2010 12:21 PM

Re: Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
I agree concerning Duncan for Manu, but would prob avoid KMart because of the injury presence and Millsap's more weak recent play. Frye could land you Augustin or Batum, or maybe you use him to buy low on Udrih or Rashard, or maybe the Roy owner would take any warm body and you could take a chance on him for Frye.

sportin_life 12-01-2010 01:37 AM

Re: Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
Yea, I'm staying away from KMart b/c he always ends up getting hurt. I tried pawning off Frye but no one wants him. If I can get Manu for Duncan I'll be ecstatic, let me try that trade. Manu has been insane this year.

crazybob60 12-02-2010 09:32 PM

Re: Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
I would try and sell high right now on Frye, that is what I am going to try to do in my league as well because you know as soon as Lopez gets back his numbers are more than likely going to go back down.

I am also in the same boat because Miller is a FA in my league too and I am considering the same options...

I am a Duncan fan, big time, so I would probably steer away from trading him, but if you can get some of the names mentioned above for any of the guys, I would go for it.

I would definitely see Rashard Lewis heating up some later in the season.

sportin_life 12-09-2010 03:08 AM

Re: Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?
All my trade offers keep getting rejected. The people in the league are hard to deal with, since they won't trade unless an offer is heavily in their favor. I tried unloading David Lee for rank Y! 40-50's value, since I'm giving up on him but couldn't get anything decent back.

What do you think about Daniel Gibson? He was dropped and is about to clear waivers. It looks like he got the starting spot tonight and is PG/SG eligible w/ 3's and some assists, which is exactly what I need.

I'm not sure who to drop for him though. PHX said Frye will remain a starter even when Lopez returns. Ibaka can be inconsistent but he has some crazy games like tonight (8 blocks!).

By the way, do you think Felton will keep it up for the rest of the season? I'm considering offering Granger for him...

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