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dealer77 06-16-2011 09:31 AM

PG Draft Prospects
Obviously, one of the big needs for this team is a PG. I figured I'd start a thread about all the different draft prospects and what makes sense for us to do as far as drafting a PG.

1st Rounders:

Kemba Walker-lottery pick, great shot and PG skills (when he wants to be a PG) and unquestionable leadership and charisma. Some say he's too small to start. If the bigs we want are off the board, I think this pick makes sense.

Darius Morris-trickier to evaluate from the Pistons' standpoint. Mocks have him going from a low lottery pick to the late first round, but 8 is too high to select him. Good size, solid talent, we've all seen him play at UofM. This can really only happen if we trade down, say with Houston with #8 and #33 going for #14 and #23.

Early Second Round:

Shelvin Mack-if he's there at 33 and we haven't already drafted a PG, he's one to consider. Big shot ability reminds me of Chauncey a bit. Somewhat of a combo guard, but the guy just knows how to win. IMO, he's actually probably #4 or #5 on our PG wish list.

Norris Cole-IMO, the ideal pick at 33 assuming we land Valanciunas or another big with #8. Undersized, played in a small conference, but put up great numbers and has solid PG instincts.

Late Second Round:

Iman Shumpert-incredible athleticism, played in the tough ACC with an underachieving GT team. I think he'd be worth the pick at 52 if we still need a PG

Demetri McCamey-nothing flashy, just a solid PG at Illinois. Played with good teams at Illinois and was definitively a PG, which is something that I really like considering all the tweeners and combo guards we have.

Brandon Knight-I assume he'll be gone by #8
Jimmer Fredette-great shooter, awful defender, let Golden State draft him :lol
Malcolm Lee-I don't know enough about him to really say anything. Maybe someone else does.
Josh Selby-great athlete, but not much else. small and unconvincing sample size in his time at KU.
Cory Joseph-similar to selby. haven't seen enough to warrant a pick IMO
Charles Jenkins-same as Malcolm Lee
Reggie Jackson-same as Charles Jenkins
Andrew Goudelock-volume shooter, not really great PG prospect IMO

dd24 06-16-2011 01:06 PM

Re: PG Draft Prospects
One of the strengths of this draft is PG's. I'm not calling it a strong draft but it's the safest pick, especially with so many question marks about the big men available. I think Irving, Knight, Walker, and Fredette all could be pretty good. With that said probably only one becomes an all-star type player, if that. Though they could be solid guys for a team.

Apparently, Fredette has been getting the best of he guys he's been competing against at the workouts. He was just in Utah with Walker and they say he was better. Fredette's shot was falling and he's been proving people wrong about his defense. I actually think he has the highest ceiling of any of the PG's. He's also kind of a risky pick, and grabbing him at #8 isn't the smartest thing to do, especially if a big man is still available to us.

I like Darius Morris. I question whether he'll be a true PG in the league. He almost seems like more of a combo. I'm not sure if he'll end up in the first round or not. Lee, Cole, and Mack are all guys I wouldn't mind taking a chance on either. With that said, I really like Jeremy Tyler or Jujuan Johnson with that first pick in the 2nd round. It seems like Miami would probably take a chance on one of them though. They want another big man bad. If that happens it seems like Lee probably has the most upside. There's the whole UCLA point guard in the NBA thing that he has going for him. They have a proven track record. I wouldn't be mad with any of them. It'll give some competition to Terrico White. I always liked the idea of having multiple 2nd round picks at the same position battling it out and pushing them to get better to try to make a roster. I consider Terrico a rookie again this year too.

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