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insidehoops 06-21-2006 12:57 PM

Who are your favorite Kings players of all time?
What former or current Kings are your favorite ever? And what was/is cool about them?

fan_since_85 06-21-2006 05:33 PM

I really miss watching Chris Webber before his injury. The behind the back passes, the in your face jumpshot from the elbow. He led the league in dunks for a couple years. I've never seen a Power Forward play so much like a gaurd. It's too bad he got hurt, he was never the same after that. Mitch Richmond was the best player I've ever seen in a Kings uniform though, he could do a little bit of everything and could just dominate the game. I remember when Michael Jordan said Richmond gave him the most trouble. They used to go at it!

BradMiller52 06-21-2006 08:10 PM

Webber was awesome to watch. He was a great player before the injury. The passes were amazing, he could handle the ball, rebound, block shots, hit Js, play in the post, everything. He's my favorite king ever. So many people underrate him now. He was a top 10 player back then but people only think of CWebb now.

BJax was fun to watch. I like how he plays uptempo and how he plays with a lot of heart. It's sad he kept getting hurt his last couple of years.

Artest is a favorite king of mine. I love his defense and he has a lot of things he can do on offense too. I like his postup/slashing game and his ball handling. His shot will be back next year. Ron's the best defender in the game.

Those are basically my favorite guys.

wally_world 06-22-2006 02:36 AM

Kevin Martin!!! Loved his shooting style... If only Peja was still here... waaaaaa
Peja + Martin + Miller + Bibby = Shooting machine!!!

sac#1 06-22-2006 03:22 PM

Jaison Williams, he played his best games with the kings, great dribble and insine passes. I'm happy that he won a ring.

Also Doug Christie when they play againts the wolves 3 years ago he show a lot of heart in that game 7.

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