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insidehoops 07-06-2011 07:02 AM

Jimmer Fredette in the Mormon spotlight
The Sacramento Bee reports:

"A lot of people who may have gone to a game or two are now buying season tickets," said local businessman and active church member John Stone, who attended the gathering at Power Balance Pavilion. Others listened via conference call. "You can't underestimate how popular he is in the church."

Though he has yet to knock on anyone's front door, Fredette, 22, has been called the greatest Mormon missionary in the world. He may some day become the face of the Kings franchise, but he is already one of the most visible faces of his faith.

Fredette joins a growing list of other Mormons in the media spotlight. Two presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are members of the church. Radio talk show host Glenn Beck has written about his conversion, and author Stephenie Meyer said her faith has influenced her popular "Twilight" saga. (The latest film in the series, "Breaking Dawn, Part 1," is set to open later this year.)

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