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Calin 06-21-2006 04:57 PM

Chicago ideas
The way things could shape up this summer,with teams like philly trading their superstars,i believe chicago should make a move for garnett
A package of gordon(mccants just had surgeory-the same amare had),chandler,sweetney(for some low post presence at 4mill a year)and the 16th pick or a future pick is just about what they need in case garnett(this only happens if He wants out) is to be had
But first off,the team will deal with the's hoping aldridge is their choice,as he will be the prototypical nba center in 3 years..
Getting to free agency,the garnett trade will need some additional players from minny(maybeduhon - hass to get done,so that would leave the bulls with some 10 mill to spend,considering kevin's deal and upcoming extensions to heinrich and deng.witith that said,pryzbilla would be ideal but nazr would do just fine..what would be challenging is turning deng into a sg as hassell could be their defensive ace..their sole need(chicago)would then be a backup pg...any other ideas?

Bill Swerski 06-22-2006 01:07 AM

Garnett has too many miles on him, our core is around 24-25, and will be making serious title runs in 4 years, when Shaq Retires.

Garnett will be in a walker @ that point.

Przybilla = don't get.

Draft Carney/Morrison @ #2, Saer Sene @ #16, and sign Drew Gooden.

Or, Trade the #2 for Troy Murphy + the #9, and draft Rodney Carney @ #9, Saer Sene @ #16, and Groom Gordon for a trade.

If we take one of the over-rated forwards @ #2(Thomas, Aldridge), then Hope Brewer is still available @ #16

Something like this:

pg: Kirk Hinrich/Duhon
sg: Ben Gordon/Rodney Carney, or Morrison(will play 2&3 in NBA)
sf: Andres Nocioni/Luol Deng
pf:Troy Murphy/Songalia/ or Aldridge/Thomas(if stupid)
C: Tyson Chandler/ Saer Sene

Another option given by GS is the #2 pick & Tyson Chandler, for Troy Murphy, Michael Pietrus, and the #9

JordanPippenRodman 06-22-2006 02:58 PM

^ what kind of crack are you smoking? carney is not a top 10 player, let alone top 2!

insidehoops 06-22-2006 02:58 PM

The Bulls are a tough call, because they have to figure out what direction they're going in. Do they keep adding youth, or do they finally swap some youth for some proven star veterans?

JordanPippenRodman 06-22-2006 03:20 PM

Personally, I wouldn't mind 16!!! definently not #2 worthy. the bulls shouldn't make any trades until draft day, if they do. that's when they'll get the most bang for their buck. the bulls have to take aldridge if he falls. john paxson always takes the best player so i wouldn't be shocked if he took Morrison to play the 2. it has a slim chance in happening but i would like morrison on chicago's squad.

ideally, chicago keeps their picks. the vetarns that are mentioned in trade talks, and worth chicago's fine prizes, are overpaid and on the downhill of their careers. They should stay put. Ideal scenario for me:

#2 LaMarcus Aldridge
#16 Ronnie Brewer

with the new rule changes, the nba is now a perimeter oriented league so a player like Morrison could be just what the doctor ordered.

TheBigAristotle1 06-22-2006 04:36 PM

What I'd like to do.
Try and trade down and pick up some quality role players/extra picks.

The fact is talent wise outside of Morrison, and possibly Roy this draft is pretty mediocre. Morrison is the only guy who could possibly come in and be an instant star like Chris Paul was. We don't need Morrison as we have 2 excellent small forwards, who fit our defensive minded system much better. Personally I would trade the pick for a solid player and another first round pick. The fact is one of Tyrus Thomas, Lamarcus Aldridge, Andrea Bargani, Shelden Williams, will be available after the first pick. I'd be happy picking up two big guys and an athletic backup gaurd.

Any combination of two of:

Shelden Williams, Lamarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, Andrea Bargani, Paul Davis.

And one of:

Rodney Carney, Mardy Collins, Brandon Roy.

Would leave me pleased as punch.

In fact I'd be happy if we picked up 1 first tier bigman a 2nd tier Big guard, and a 2nd tier bigman.

Bill Swerski 06-23-2006 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by JordanPippenRodman
^ what kind of crack are you smoking? carney is not a top 10 player, let alone top 2!

:no: Keep your eyes peeled for a few years fam.
Carney and Morrison will be the 2 best players out of this draft.:D

Bill Swerski 06-23-2006 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by insidehoops
Do they keep adding youth, or do they finally swap some youth for some proven star veterans?

If they do go for veterans, hold off until the east is winnable for them, which should be in 3-4 years, when their current young core is 26-29

problym_chyld04 06-24-2006 10:31 AM

what about adding Bonzi Wells to the backcourt in FA for a dash of defense (not for a long-contract, possibly 2-3yrs), get rid of pargo and piatkowski(IDK if i spelled it right) for Anthony Grundy for 3rd string purpose(he's better than both of those guys), or possibly adding some guys overseas in different leagues that's already proven (Dimitrios Diamantidis of Greece is a great defensive #2 over there and shouldn't cost mostly that much), or talk to the Spurs and pull out Luis Scola or Robertas Javtokas of Lithuania from them in a trade for no. 16 and some change, or adding either Mickael Pietrus or Marquis Daniels by swapping for no. 16 also.

vmdv12 06-24-2006 10:48 AM

FYI guys....Carney measured in at 6'4.5" without shoes..and 6'5 3/4" with shoes. NO WAY he plays SF in the NBA. He'll be a SG in the pros and right now he doesn't have a very good jump shot. He's lightning fast and a freak athlete though so that will help. I don't know why they keep saying he's a SF. He's Eddie Basdens height. Ronnie Brewer is an inch taller, 20 lbs heavier and just as athletic if not more athletic. I'd take Brewer in a heartbeat over Carney, however, I think both will be good pros. And what is the big deal about Tyrus Thomas...he's shorter than Deng! Isn't that crazy?

SJellen 06-24-2006 11:49 AM

if im the celtics at pick 7 and A. Bargnani comes off the board, id give you the pick for gordon.

Bulls_Fan20 06-27-2006 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
If they do go for veterans, hold off until the east is winnable for them, which should be in 3-4 years, when their current young core is 26-29

When the east is winnable? The only thing they lack right now is a shut-down guard and a better inside presence. Take a look at the playoffs. Wade ripped us a new one, but how? He kept driving into the middle, around our defenders, and either drawing a foul or dishing out for a 3-pointer. If we get a great defender (Ronnie Brewer) and a big man that can alter shots (Aldridge or Saer Sene), look out. Say all you want about Shaq, but we shut him down for the most part in that series. We get Brewer and one of the big guys, watch for the Bulls to go deep into the playoffs next year.

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