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blazerjimmy 12-03-2011 10:38 AM

Aldridge at Center
With Chris Bosh recently saying that he understands that he will be playing center for his team, I think it's time for Aldridge to do the same thing.

Seriously, how many legit big men are there in the NBA now??? Of those, who couldn't Aldridge compete pretty well against???

Until/If Oden comes back, I'd move Aldridge to center and get the best rebounding bruiser of a power forward I could find to play alongside him, with Aldridge moving to power forward at times when he and Camby are on the floor together.

As much as Gerald Wallace helped us last season, I wouldn't mind a Wallace for Paul Milsap trade - the Jazz are stocked up at power forward and I don't see Gordon Haywood as ready to take over for Andrei Kirelinko.

As far as free agents go, I wouldn't mind bringing in a Troy Murphy - neither he or Aldridge are "true" centers, but more "power forward/center" type players.

Of course, I wouldn't mind bringing back Joel Pryzbilla either.....

Myth 12-03-2011 07:13 PM

Re: Aldridge at Center
Aldridge is fine at C, but I prefer him at PF most of the time. I think he is just more effective there. Plus, if Aldridge is at PF, that means we have a bigger person at C, thus we are playing big.

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