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TMT 12-06-2011 03:34 PM

San Antonio Spurs - Updated Depth Chart (12/6)
**This is not an official depth chart of the team as of this point, however it is a list of players and assets that are currently under contract on the roster followed by them being placed in the order of most convenience needed by the team/ realistic options the coaching staff would have to make with given roster.**

Players Currently Under Contract:
SG James Anderson (2nd season)
PF DeJuan Blair (3rd season)
PF Matt Bonner (8th season)
SF Da'Sean Butler (2nd season)
PF-C Tim Duncan (15th season)
SG Manu Ginobili (10th season)
SG-F Danny Green (3rd season)
SF Richard Jefferson (11th season)
PG Corey Joseph (rookie season)
SF Kawhi Leonard (rookie season)
PF Antonio McDyess (16th season)
PG-SG Gary Neal (2nd season)
PG Tony Parker (11th season)
PG Chris Quinn (6th season)
PF-C Tiago Splitter (2nd season)

Predicted Spurs Depth Chart: (12/6)

PG - Tony Parker/ Gary Neal/ Corey Joseph-Chris Quinn
SG - Manu Ginobili/ James Anderson/Gary Neal
SF - Richard Jefferson/ Kawhi Leonard/ Da'Sean Butler
PF - Tim Duncan/ DeJuan Blair/ Matt Bonner
C - Tiago Splitter/ Antonio McDyess

Propable Spurs Coach Ideas: (getting into the mind of the Spurs coaches)

- Richard Jefferson, although awful play the past two years in the silver and black, will most definitely be named the starter at the beggining of the season up to this point. You know the Spurs coaching staff will 9 times out of 10 go for experienced players over rookies. Unless RJ shows up to training camp in awful enough shape to convince Pop to swap in Kawhi (and it would have to be pretty bad), it's most likely going to stay that way. You all remember how it goes with rookies in this system: George Hill hardly played at all unless Tony was hurt; DeJuan Blair was more impressive but was still stuck behind McDyess and Bonner a lot more than we would have liked; and of course Tiago last year Pop was not impressed with and let to limited floor time. Don't be surprised when you see Rich in the starting lineup come the start of the season.
- Gary Neal, one of our deadliest shooters last year. Saved our season one more game last playoffs with a clutch basket at the buzzer of game 5 against the Grizz. Very impressive and efficient rookie season. After the George Hill trade many Spurs fans commented on how we are depleted at the point guard spot behind Parker. Manu has always been able to run the offense in time of need, but it might be necessary to play Gary at the PG spot at some points this season if Chris Quinn and Corey Joseph can't get it done.. and that's a probability.
- Tiago Splitter, let's face it guys it's his time...or do we just want it to be his time? Tiago saw limited minutes last season, as most rookies in the Spurs system do. But looking at this roster depleted of bigs who can play BIG, Tiago seems to be our last hope for a big who can help out Timmy in his final years. Personally I have faith in Tiago, but the question is will the coaching staff. If he doesn't meet expectations in training camp we'll be seeing a lot more of the red rocket Matt Bonner, undersized but fiesty DeJuan Blair, and should-be-retired Antonio McDyess. And trust me, being a huge observer of the Spurs specifically these last couple years, that isn't what we need. Pending a trade for a big man Tiago seems like our best bet at the center to start out.

Add your input on what I've placed here. If you see any mistaked in the information feel free to point it out because this was all off the top of my head other than the current players under contract which I looked up.

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