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D.Z.W. 04-02-2012 11:22 AM

2011-2012 Regular Season wrap up + Playoffs Preview
First of all, congratulations to all who qualified for the playoffs :cheers:
And to those who didn't, better luck next time :(

End of year awards (all my own opinion of course, feel free to disagree lol).

Rookie of the year: Iamgine – despite sporting an unorthodox roster build, one cannot dispute the results, finishing #2 in the season, with solid trades and add/drops, last year’s minor league champion proves he’s the real deal as he is a serious threat to win it all (my personal pick to take it).

Most surprising performance: B4Life – though he has been a playoff contender in premiere league year in and year out, he has never been close to finishing first place in the season (I think), so this has to be considered as a significant breakthrough performance imo.

Most disappointing performance: Strotards – the once former premiere league finalist continued his fall, this time to the pits of no return. This was particularly disappointing as he did not quite manage to live up to his claim that he would be 100% committed to fantasy this season. I find it very unfortunate since Strob is a cool cat, hopefully one day he’ll be able to rekindle his fire and get back to the league.

Waiver Wire King: Statman – don’t think anyone would disagree with this pick here, as its pretty clear he made the best pickups this season (Lin, Pekovic etc.). Unfortunately for him, injuries wrecked his team, and in a short season, it was just too punishing, as he was just unable to pull it through.

The King of Slings (aka most active trader): B4Life – this is sort of like the NBA DPOY award, its always won by the same person (aka Dwight Howard). That said, although he was once again the top dog in trade activity this season, he did not top the league by the usual overwhelming margin that he usually does. Even for a short season, he had pretty few trades for his standards. If this trend continues, perhaps one day someone else can take home the award?

Now on to the first round preview!

Consolation Playoffs
BYE: Stat, Worms

#9 Vapid V #12 Mayo
Predicted winner: Vapid

#10 PLR V #11 Sky
Predicted winner: Sky

Championship Playoffs
BYE: B4Life, Iamgine

#4 Pete V #5 DZW

In the rematch of last year’s semifinalists, the reigning defending champion Pete takes on former champ DZW in what could be the start of a real playoff rivalry. Although Pete’s team is not as strong as the squad he fielded last year to win the championship, his trio of Durant/Westbrook/LMA is insanely scary. It will be very tough for DZW to win as he is still missing the league MVP, in DRose. That said, although on paper DZW is outmatched, I believe some of Pete’s players have overachieved as of late and is due for a “correction” – this could just be enough for an upset to occur.

Predicted winner: DZW

#3 Truth V #6 Sizz

Last year’s finalist Truth, proving last year was no fluke with another solid finish to the regular season. Just like in real NBA, any team with Lebron cannot be taken lightly. Sizz, the former two time champ comes back to the playoff picture after missing it last season – unfortunately I think his run will be a short one as his studly frontcourt of Dwight/Bynum are both hurting at the worst time possible. He is going to need some luck and great stream pickups to make this close, but the odds are against him.

Predicted winner: Truth

Let the games begin! Good luck to everyone :banana:

baseketball4life 04-02-2012 06:19 PM

Re: 2011-2012 Regular Season wrap up + Playoffs Preview

I also think Iamgine is unbeatable. The value on his team may not be the best out of everyone left, but the way he built his team he will take 5+ categories every week. Iamgine out-witted all of us, even DZW :eek:


TruthKGRay3412 04-09-2012 06:15 PM

Re: 2011-2012 Regular Season wrap up + Playoffs Preview
Good battle team came close to having most epic choke in history on Sunday..but prevailed none the less.Hard fought battle.

Good luck Iamgine.

baseketball4life 04-10-2012 01:25 AM

Re: 2011-2012 Regular Season wrap up + Playoffs Preview

Originally Posted by TruthKGRay3412
Good battle team came close to having most epic choke in history on Sunday..but prevailed none the less.Hard fought battle.

Good luck Iamgine.

Iamgine going to do you in doe just like pete going to do me in. Let me beat you in the consolations eh :cheers:

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