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insidehoops 05-25-2012 02:17 PM

Avery Bradley having shoulder surgery

Avery Bradley came into this season as a question mark. He leaves it as a potential future cornerstone.

Bradley had surgery on Friday for his injured shoulder, which had repeatedly popped out during the playoffs. Itís a huge loss for the Celtics, who have come to rely on his tenacious on-the-ball defense and the jolts of athleticism he provided the offense.

ďAveryís a big blow. Thereís no doubt. If Iím the guy on the other team and I donít have to play against Avery Bradley, I would sleep a little better,Ē Doc Rivers said. ďNo one wants to play against Avery. Our guys donít want to play against him in practice. Heís a pain in the ass defensively. Thatís what he does, and thatís not here anymore.

ďWeíre a great defensive team. What Avery did was allow us to be a great defensive team and put an individual on one guy and say, ĎGo shut him down.í We donít have that anymore. So now we have to go back to being just a great defensive team.Ē

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