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qrich 06-07-2012 06:44 AM

2012 Offseason Plans:
Players Under Contract:
Chris Paul $17,779,457
DeAndre Jordan $10,532,977 | $10,986,550 | $11,440,123
Blake Griffin $7,226,891 | $9,394,958
Maurice Williams $8,500,000
Caron Butler $8,000,000 | $8,000,000
Ryan Gomes $4,000,000
Eric Bledsoe $1,707,720 | $2,626,473 | $3,726,965
Travis Leslie $762,195 | $884,293 | $1,123,163
Trey Thompkins $762,195 | $884,293 | $1,123,163

Qualifying Offer Team Option

Free Agents:
Chauncey Billups (should have bird rights)
Reggie Evans
Randy Foye
Kenyon Martin
Bobby Simmons
Nick Young (no bird rights but can offer 125% of previous contract which is equal to $4,691,821)

Draft Picks/Rights to Players:
#53 in 2012 Draft
2013 Clippers First & Second
2014 Clippers First & Second

Trade Exceptions:
$2,755,560 & $1,223,166

Current Depth Chart:
CE: DeAndre Jordan |
PF: Blake Griffin | Trey Thompkins
SF: Caron Butler
SG: Maurice Williams | Travis Leslie
PG: Chris Paul | Eric Bledsoe

qrich 06-07-2012 07:11 AM

Re: 2012 Offseason Plans:
First One:

Trade Maurice Williams & Ryan Gomes to the New Orleans Hornets for #10 (Terrance Ross), Emeka Okafor & Future 2nd Round Pick
-Hornets dump Okafor's contract. Clippers take on two years of Emeka, but get their shooting guard of the future. Okafor can be a decent back-up to Jordan up front.

Sell #53 to whichever team for cash considerations.

Free Agency:
Sign Nick Young to a 2 year deal starting at $4.6 mil, max with his bird rights.
-Keep Sushi in L.A.. He struggled during the end of the season, but scored 8.3 in 18 minutes during the playoffs while shooting 51.5% from three.
Sign Chauncey Billups to a 1 year, $7,000,000 deal.
-Give Billups a nice big payday. Won't be ready until December but still worth a shot. Worst comes to worst, can use his expiring in a deadline deal.
Sign Reggie Evans to the BAE for 1 years.
-Evans was nice during the playoffs, a little bigger paybump.
Sign Craig Smith with the Mini-MLE (or half of the MLE).
-Rhino was a crowd favorite here and his bruising offense off the bench with Okafors/Evans defense could provide to be huge.
Sign Ronnie Price with the League Minimum
-A decent veteran point guard who can be Paul's backup until Billups recovers.
Sign James Singleton with the remainder of the MLE
-Clipper fans have to remember Jumpin James' first stint with the team and this past year, he put up 8/7 with solid defense in 21 minutes for the Wiz. Could play both forward positions and his athletic ability will be nice to use with Paul at the helm.

CE: DeAndre Jordan | Emeka Okafor | Reggie Evans
PF: Blake Griffin | Craig Smith | Trey Thompkins
SF: Caron Butler | Nick Young | James Singleton
SG: Terrance Ross | Eric Bledsoe | Travis Leslie
PG: Chris Paul | Chauncey Billups | Ronnie Price

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