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indiefan23 06-11-2012 12:47 PM

Wade's Flagrant No Call, Or Rondo's Flop???
When I first saw Wade's foul on Rondo I was kind of shocked at how hard he fouled Rondo. Even when I watched replays I thought it was a blown call. But upon review from the other angle that's not what went down at all. I hate on refs all the time but this is a crazy call they got right and I'm not even sure how that's possible. What surprises me even more is days later, after everyone has had time to review the tape, people still are referring to this play as a blown call and saying Wade should have been suspended. I call it the Media Driven Misconception and it's a perfect example of such a thing. Decided to write an article on it... check it out if interested.

What do you think... was it a foul, or are people just not looking closer?

C-Webb4 06-24-2012 06:14 PM

Re: Wade's Flagrant No Call, Or Rondo's Flop???
i've seen that foul from multiple angles, and i'm not buying that D-Wade missed hitting his head. He clearly hit him in the head. And addition to that he got him on the arm as well. I personally don't consider it a flagrant foul, because it wasn't. He went for the ball and it missed, and Rondo did indeed exaggerate the contact as most NBA players do but it was a foul, and a foul is a foul. Nothing can be done about it now but it was most definitely a bad no-call.

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