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insidehoops 06-24-2006 02:14 PM

Carmelo Anthony contract extension soon
"Carmelo Anthony is in line to be named team captain. But will that be enough? The Nuggets star will be looking soon to sign a contract extension, probably for the maximum. With Anthony figuring to have a long career with the Nuggets, he is making it clear he wants to take on a much bigger role than during his three previous seasons." Rocky Mountain News | Discuss in Nuggets Forum

"This year, we didn't have nobody who wanted to step up to the plate and take the blame for the stuff that was going on in the organization,'' Anthony said Friday, speaking about the tumultuous season the team had, ending with a first- round playoff flameout. "I really think that, me being the face of this organization, if (the media have) anything to say, you ought to just put it all on me. I'll take the blame." Rocky Mountain News

"Anthony's agent, Calvin Andrews, said his client wants more input in player personnel decisions. "He wants to be involved," Andrews said. "He understands the league a lot better now. He wants to have a voice . . . (because) he's planning to make a big commitment to the organization for so many years." Rocky Mountain News

"Anthony looks to be in line for a maximum deal, worth about $79 million over five years. "If (the Nuggets) don't offer him the maximum, they'd be a fool," Nuggets forward Ruben Patterson said." Rocky Mountain News

nuggetsoftruth 06-27-2006 03:24 PM

More say
Melo should definitely have more say into what he is a part of - if he is the go-to guy, he is the first that should be heard on who he wants surrounding him. He should at least have a lot of sway in who comes in to be SG, and be able to pick out a player that can move without the ball. Not only will Melo learn from a player that can MWOB, but that will get him an outlet when he is crowded.

Melo's one unique trait is his stutter-step. He's not huge, but he's big, and when you can't figure out where he's going all you need is a SG swarming around the perimeter ready to distract you.

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