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Timmy D for MVP 09-25-2012 02:22 AM

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
I picked this up yesterday and have already spent countless hours trying to master this beast. And I've been playing since T3.

That should give you some insight into how great this game is. Not because it brings any really new features (some new stuff is really cool), but because as a Tekken mega fan I still find it challenging and engaging enough to spend so much time on it.

But the main reason so much time has been wasted is because the game is FUCKING HARD! And I don't mean regular, Tekken is silly complex to master, juggling is tough to time, there are a million combos hard. I mean it's really taken a step into the holy shit zone. The timing is difficult as always when chaining commands together, and some reaches/power have been tuned way down. And tag combos will take some dedication because you have to string aerials and bounds and such and every character has a different bound!

I have only cracked this bad boy open and I'm just salivating and taking the time to master this game and become as good at it as I was when I left the series at 5. It has been a long while since I felt this challenged by a fighting game, so much so that I feel like a beginner. And I couldn't ask for anything more. Brutal. Fantastic.

jaydacris 09-25-2012 02:18 PM

Re: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
big fan of the original
kinda like hearing that its quite difficult

interesting to see how big it'll get in the pro scene

DarkSephiroth 09-25-2012 07:04 PM

Re: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
If you've been playing since T3, I'm assuming you mastered the bound system from T6, right? I am a VERY high level T6 player, and my buddy just brought over TT2 the other day.. In all honesty I don't really like it at all. I find the tag system to just be gimmicky to add on some flashiness to the combos and whatnot.

If you have experience with T6, you will notice that the instant you press a button, your character responds. For some reason in TT2, the timing is completely different. It's almost as if there is a fraction of a second lag for your character to respond to what you press. This causes the timings on my punishers and launchers to be a split second late, altering the whole juggle that I plan on. Tekken is all about reading and reacting, and in the case of TT2, I can still read people well, but reacting and punishing on a dime is WAY MORE DIFFICULT because you have to press the button earlier for your character to even respond in time. I actually find it quite ridiculous, and also it's no surprise that the top Tekken 6 players are struggling in TT2 against players they would normally have easily beaten...

Also, the effects I find to be a bit annoying. They changed the way hits make contact, and it looks quite a bit less epic now when you are hit by a devastating punch or kick. And, they seemed to make a conscious effort to make every character far worse than they used to be. The range of a lot of moves has been decreased, and the hitboxes are smaller, as well as harder to time. -_-

Timmy D for MVP 09-26-2012 01:57 AM

Re: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
I did not play Tekken 6 that much as I found it to be the worst of the series since I picked it up, and I had a Wii.

You are right, the characters are depowered, and the timing is harder because they have changed the way they move. It takes time to perform certain moves, some are super fast though.

What they have done is moved it away from just knowing the strongest moves and characters with the best reach, to having to know how to effectively mix in combos. I used to be the king of the annoyingly timed grab but they made throw breaks easier too. You have to use quick strikes to keep an opponent off balance.

Basically the game has made a complex system require greater knowledge of the system in order to master it.

It has become rigidly unforgiving. Poor timing, poor spacing, or poor move choice will lead to you getting stomped.

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