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Riddler 10-02-2012 03:59 AM

Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

I would love for you to watch these two videos and tell me what you think
Jerry Jones thinks you are stupid!

(pre Chicago disaster)
You really want a Cowboys rant from that?

(post Chicago disaster)... The more important video

(I'll post my thoughts on this in a second)

AlonzoGOAT 10-02-2012 04:27 AM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
I like this guy cause he's real talk and not a delusional homer after 1 win. He was happy about the giants win but still needed to convince they are capable of making the playoffs. I hope the cowboys get some nice wins throughout the season just for this guys health :lol

Riddler 10-02-2012 05:39 AM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
Okay... I'm gonna make a few key points... and I'll STFU.

You guys might not remember what it felt like to go 5-11 for three consecutive seasons... but I sure as F*ck do

And what did the Cowboys Nation do when we went 5-11 for thee years in a row (2000-2002)?

We pointed the blame were the blame deserved to be pointed... AT JERRY F*CKING JONES.

and at the time... it was obvious to us all who the problem was.

It was Jerry.

So what does he do in front of the public? He hires a football God to coach his team.... (Parcells)

This was our savior...

I don't know what Cowboys fans were more happy/relieved about at the time,
the fact that Jerry was going to put his ego aside and have less involvement,
or that we just hired a great f*cking Coach... I'll put it at 50/50 for me personally.

To make a long rant short... My fear isn't the same as John Shango's...

I'm not afraid of 8-8 football that can still be marketable.

My fear is that we are headed back to 5-11 Jerry Jones football.

and what was the one decision that first gave me this fear?

Morris Claiborne

I can't remember when, but I do remember that it was once said:
I recall Bill Parcells saying he would never again use a top 5 pick
on a Corner Back (a few years after he drafted Terrance Newman)
because the WAR is fought in trenches.

Bill Parcells didn't give a $hit about Corners and Wide Recievers. What good is a Running Back
if your O-Line can't block? I mean $hit... the dude traded down in draft when we had our hands
on Steven Jackson... and we went with Julius Jones in the second round :oldlol:

Parcells put the emphasis on Defensive Linemen, Big @ss Guards... Tight Ends and Line Backers.

If your front 7 can get pressure on the QB... your secondary damn near takes care of it's self.
If your O-Line can block effectively... you can get away with Troy Hambrick at Running Back...
:oldlol: we also had an awesome FB that year (forget his name off the top of my head but I
think he lead the team in receptions)

I look at our team... and I see our core: Ware, Romo, Witten (maybe Ratliff)...
what did we to do to build around these guys?
Roy Williams (draft picks)
Felix Jones (1st round pick)... Mike Jenkins (1st Round Pick)...
Dez Bryant (jerry wanting to redeem himself for not taking Randy Moss.)
2 first rounders on Claiborne.
$50 million for Carr
$60 million for Miles

Nothing but Wrs, CBs, and RBs... This isn't what Big Bill taught us...

I'm not done....

Riddler 10-02-2012 06:35 AM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
The Jerry Jones debate has grown tiresome over the years:

"If you didn't have jerry, you wouldn't have three super bowls and a great stadium"

Is he a good owner? is he a nightmare?
Overall: Good for Dallas? Bad for Dallas? which is it?

Well, I'm gonna use the rule of 20 when my opinion of JJ's legacy is finally written in stone...
because I don't known how I should feel about this guy yet.

The rule of 20 works like this: (regarding every professional sports team in the USA.)
(once talked about on 1310 the thicket)

Once your team/organization has established it's self as the champion (or have an amazing run)...
and 20 years have passed... they better have another championship (or run) to show for it...

If not a championship... something that your fans are gonna remember forever.
(uhm... like the Titans... didn't win the championship, but they got damn close)

MAVS probably have 25 years before I start demanding another title.

And hell... I'm not even asking for a Super Bowl Ring... Just get us to the f*cking NFC
championship game,... for the love of God that's all I want (and don't get blown out).

Is that too much to ask for or am I still being greedy?

Jerry Jones... if it's 2015 and you still haven't gotten us to the NFC championship game...
may you burn in hell forever you son of a b*tch.
(okay,.. maybe that's a little extreme... but I'm still p*ssed off
about the way Jimmy Johnson left this organization... )

In other words... I'm not gonna turn in my star... don't think I can ever do that...
I'll suffer for 86 years like some of those Red Sox fans did.

BUT.... BUT.... if 20 years have gone by and we still haven't gotten a
NFC championship game appearance? Jerry Jones....
you're gonna have to win my $Money$ back.

I will not by your tickets, your jerseys, T-Shirrts... baseball caps...
I may not even Buy Papa Johns Pizza anymore. (and I love their pizza)

I'll always give you my time/attention... but after 2015, not my money...

You want my money after 2015 Jerry Jones? earn it.

end rant...


good night...

see you in Baltimore 2 weeks from now.

F*ck You Cowboys.

Thank you John Shango for illustrating my point better than I can.
(even though I didn't agree with 100% of what you said in both vids)

(Next rant or discussion will cover The Cowboys Stadium ...
and how much of home field advantage do we really have there
compared to other teams?... I love that place, but it sure as $hit
doesn't give our team much of an advantage. )

blacknapalm 10-02-2012 08:27 AM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
not a cowboys fan, just a football fan. from my vantage point, i always felt that jones was way too involved in every aspect of the organization. ever since parcells left, i felt like pretty much every HC has been an overmatched coordinator (phillips) or a puppet (garrett). sorry, garrett is a puppet. does anyone think he's a big influence or good enough coach to win a division title?

oh and look what phillips has done to help turn around that houston defense. he was never a good HC, but he's still a damn good coordinator. texans are one of the most well-rounded teams in the league, even after losing mario williams.

jones should take a cue from his fellow dallas owner in mark cuban. sure, cuban is brash and vocal, but for the most part, he hires good coaches and let's he trusts them with the main decision making and doesn't have to put his hand anywhere and everywhere. i just don't see jones being able to change though. he likes being involved in everything and doesn't shy away from the spotlight ever. i think jones gets infatuated with 'flash' and potential.

now, i don't want to place all the blame on jones. some goes on romo. at the same time, at least two of those interceptions weren't his fault....the first being the one that bounced off ogletree's chest and the second with the miscommunication on the hitch route by dez.

as far as the claiborne pick, i don't think you can criticize that one too much. we've seen what shutdown corners can do in this league today. i'm not saying claiborne is that now but he can certainly get there. he was a top 5 prospect on many draft boards.

i remember when everybody was criticizing tampa for trading down, passing on claiborne and taking safety mark barron. so far, barron has about 15 tackles, several for a loss and has several pass deflections. hopefully, people realize how that pick wasn't crazy at all. we'll have to see how their careers pan out, but it was never as huge a gap as some people made it out to be.

secondly, there weren't really any dominant tackles at that spot last draft, hence the dallas and TB picks. i do agree with the notion that building an offensive line should take precedent in the draft. however, guys like ryan kalil don't grow on trees.

niko 10-02-2012 09:53 AM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
One thing i don't get is this babying of Dez Bryant. He runs the wrong plays, drops balls, and is very lax about the whole thing and Romo talks to him like he's doing a great job and they keep featuring him as almost the #1 guy. Sit him for a few series at least, if not a game. Show him that this is what his career is going to be unless he gets his head out of his ass.

-p.tiddy- 10-02-2012 01:36 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
IDK I can't judge the Claiborne pick yet, it is too early

I'll tell you this though, the yearly "Jerry Jones is the problem" is the most tiresome debate ever...every single year the Cowboys lose a game we point our finger at Jerry

the only way no one points at Jerry?...we go 16-0 win a SB

It's just a yawner now :sleeping

and when Jerry is gone everyone will do the same thing to his son...

I would much rather talk about the players and the things that can change rather than the ownership which will NEVER EVER EVER will always be owned by the Jones family and there is nothing anyone can do about it, and you know what, I am happy with it because they care. Their life is football, I would rather have that then an owner that doesn't know his own team.

Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones are the same thing...Cuban is fresh off a ring though, but just wait 5 years from now, everyone will point at him when we don't have another ring, claim he is awful, etc...

Jones and Cuban aren't awful owners, or even awful managers...wish fans could just leave them out of debates and talk about the players instead...

Riddler 10-02-2012 02:10 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
(rant back on)

I think Cowboy fans fail to grasp the fact that it's f*cking hard to win a playoff game in this league.

We're still spoiled form the success in 90's.

We need to look away from teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and Baltimore... they're exceptions to the rule...

If you're a Cowoys fan, and somehow you're upset that we've only managed to pull off 2 post season victories since we were a DYNASTY (95')...

well... do this and I promise you'll feel better:

wikipedia every team's history and see if our lack of post season success is really that bad.

Let's start with the two expansion teams that came into the league back in 95'
List of Jacksonville Jaguars seasons
List of Carolina Panthers seasons

In my estimation... that's about what the Cowboys resume should look like after the Dynasty... about 5 or 6 playoff wins... and nothing more than a Super Bowl appearance or maybe two NFC championship games.

those expectations are fair right?

But go down the list...

What teams really have the right to talk $hit to us? They've all gone through similar $hit... Difference is... we still have a dynasty to hang our hat on.

One teams recent success kind of p*sses me off.... 49ers are good again.
after years of pure $hit... they still managed to get back to the NFC championship game before we did. F*CK!!!

F*ck that team and their Super Bowl Hopes.:oldlol:

and F*ck you New York... let's finally call you for what you are... LUCKY!!!!!
That David Tyree play sums up the way I feel about your entire Organization... Pure $Hit that turned into a miracle...

then I have to watch another miracle with Manningham? :facepalm

Washington... How many playoff victories you sitting on after the 92' Super Bowl?

Three? That's success...

Plenty of other examples like Washington... like I said,... go down the list.

I didn't pick on them because they're in the NFC East

Dolphins Fans... Tell me your sad story... That's right... I thought you'd STFU too when it comes to the NFL. last playoff win was in 2000... You got a big bucket of $hit just like us...

(rant back off)

-p.tiddy- 10-02-2012 02:14 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
If all teams were completely 100% equal....we would all win 1 ring every 32 years

niko 10-02-2012 02:15 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
NY has been consistently good for a long time. We are in 1 out of every 5 superbowls out of the last 25 years and we've won four. Not two. If we have two let's cut off later on and say you have none.

The difference between NY and Dallas is our QB plays better in bigger moments (like the playoffs) and our culture is less concerned with coddling our team so we suffer jerks less. If Dez Bryant was a Giant? He'd be better or Eli would never toss him the ball, that being IF Coughlin allowed him to leave the bench. Dez's punishment for playing yesterday like it was a scrimmage? Nothing - his role is pretty much secure.

We're not lucky, we're efficient. We've taken advantage of our chances. Dallas was legitimately good enough to make a title run at least two years i remember and ****ed it up with bad home losses.

Dallas underachives, NY overachieves. Those are not coincidences.

-p.tiddy- 10-02-2012 02:24 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
niko you are overly concerned with Dez, what do you suggest?, Dallas benches him?

niko 10-02-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
niko you are overly concerned with Dez, what do you suggest?, Dallas benches him?

Yes, absolutely. Make him earn his playing time. The Giants, we used to have Shockey, remember him? Haven't had a TE like him since then. Were so much better with him not out there polluting things with his selfishness and his uneven play.

Bad apples trickle down to the effort of the other players, because the reward system for playing time is broken if you keep trucking those people out there. The Jets are more of the mindset of the Cowboys, best players play, and if they **** up no consequences becuase that would mean they aren't out there, and they are too afraid of the criticism they'd get losing without one of their guys in there. It's like Holmes, he had penalties, turnovers, and played this selfish stupid game last year against the Eagles. No consequences. Never any.

What harm would their be demoting Dez to third receiver and telling him to earn it back?

-p.tiddy- 10-02-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

Originally Posted by niko
What harm would their be demoting Dez to third receiver and telling him to earn it back?

we would be putting a worse WR in front of him...that's the harm

-p.tiddy- 10-02-2012 02:37 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)
niko, players have bad games, it happens...

niko 10-02-2012 02:42 PM

Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
niko, players have bad games, it happens...

He's like this a lot. It's not new. He runs bad routes. He loses concentration (did you see him skipping and running half assed because it wasn't a pass play to him?).

You don't even need to bench him, you can give him less reps. Make him the slot guy sometimes instead. It's pretty clear there are no consequences and they baby him, you can see Romo on the sideline telling him it's ok. He should be angry - he took a 3-0 game you were driving for the lead score and made it a 10-0 game where you were chasing the whole time. Because he was unaware there was a blitz, ignored the audible and ran a deep out.

He is eerily similar to Holmes on the Jets, he gets his catches, but isn't efficient (he'll be 8 of 12 instead of 8 of 9) and his misses are bad because they'll be missed TD's, turnovers from mental mistakes.

I'm not saying trade him, release him, or even bench him for a game. But there needs to be more consequences than the pats on the back you see him getting.

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