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dak121 06-25-2006 08:46 PM

2 top 5 promises? Hawks and Bulls involved.
According to David Aldridge


However, the draft's majordomo this year is agent Arn Tellem, who is back in the swing of things after being less involved with NBA players in recent years. Tellem represents several of the top players expected to go in the top half of the lottery, including Aldridge, Roy, Redick and Shelden Williams. Tellem has pulled Aldridge and Williams out of scheduled workouts, a hint that both have been made promises by teams in the top five, believed to be Chicago for Aldridge and Atlanta for Williams.
"Every one of his guys has a landing spot he's comfortable with," said a top-five executive who has discussed Tellem's intentions with him.

As for Tyrus Thomas...


If the Bulls have committed to Aldridge with the second pick, Thomas could fall. That may explain Thomas' last-second visit to Houston on Friday; a source indicates that the Rockets have explored moving up to as high as five by trading forward Juwan Howardand the eighth pick to Atlanta for the fifth pick, which would be a logical spot for Thomas to be selected if he isn't taken second.

That bizarre interview he had with DraftExpress may have dropped his stock tremendously. Last week I was just about convinced that the Bulls were going to take him. Not anymore.

PS: Arn Tellem is also Ben Wallace's agent.

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