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Laxlen 11-02-2012 09:41 PM

Review of Nuggets/Magic
Using my "tweets" during the game to compose the body of this entry.

settling down to watch the @denvernuggets hopefully beat the #Magic, scared the Magic may start strong b4 realizing how bad they are!

1st Quarter

i could shoot better than #nuggets right now, 4-15

12-0 run by the #magic prompts mass subs on #Nuggets, after missing his 1st 7 shots, Gallo has made 2 in a row b4 being subbed

29-18 #magic after 1, florida announcers making J.J. Redick sound like MJ (10pts, no missed shots)

#nuggets McGee has an alley oop dunk and a blocked shot that will both be on sportscentre

2nd Quarter

#magic are shooting 57%, #nuggets look confused offensively and defensively, it's now 38-22 for Orlando

5:50 to go in 1st half, Andre Miller has been the best #Nugget tonight thus far, 45-33 #magic leading

58-37 #magic lead over #nuggets at the half, "big baby" Davis had his way in the 2nd quarter against Denver

so far in 6 quarters of the 2012-13 season Denver is shooting 37.1% from the floor, 42.1% behind the arc and 40% from the charity stripe

3rd Quarter

5:25 to go in the 3rd and Canadian Nicholson officially begins his #NBA career #GoCanada

3:23 left in 3rd, McGee finally gets off the bench and onto the floor. much better q for Denver aided by #Magic going cold 72-62

78-68 #magic leading over #nuggets after 3Q...have NOT noticed Faried in the 2nd half

4th Quarter

#magic start 4th with 8-2 run, #nuggets are simply not the best team on the floor tonight

95-77 #magic over #nuggets with 5 mins to go, call the fat lady, this one is over. For the record, I did call this Nuggets loss

Jordan Hamilton, from starter in game 1 due to Gallo's injury, to not appearing til mop up time in game 2

FINALLY, game over, #magic win 102-89 over the #nuggets NOBODY on the Nuggets had an answer for Davis

Final thoughts (not on twitter)

Gallinari had 14 free throws, the rest of the team had 13. 4 of those free throws were by Hamilton during his mop up minutes. I figure when Gallo realized his shot was cold, he played for contact, shame other cold shots tonight did not follow his lead, see Chandler and Brewer.

Koufos, McGee, and Faried - - the men on this team you associate with standing near the rim, combined for 6 offensive rebounds. "Big Baby" had 4 offensive rebounds on his own. I hope this is not a trend for a team in a conference with Howard, Griffin and many more.

Iggy, Lawson, Miller all on the floor together had me salivating during the off-season. Um, yeah, not soo much tonight. It's only game two, it's not an excuse, it's a reason for to keep the optimism of a playoff run.


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