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Laxlen 11-07-2012 11:07 AM

Nuggets "earn" 1st win
"Earn" is in quotations because since the schedule came out, this game was "expected" to be won by the Nuggets.

During the pre-game the Denver announcers made sure everyone tuning in knew that so far this season the Nuggets have struggled after timeouts. Going into the 1st timeout of the game, it was 15-5 for the Nuggets - - going into the 2nd timeout of the game, it was 19-18 for the Nuggets.

Actually until a timeout with 5:22 remaining in the 1st half, the Pistons went a quarter's length (12 minutes) outscoring the Nugs 36-28. After this timeout, the Nuggets finished half outscoring the Pistons 15-10 and headed into half with 58-51 lead. (see timeouts are not always bad)

Were the Nuggets were playing cat and mouse with the Pistons? It's the re-building Pistons, the Nuggets are suppose to be the deepest, fastest team in the league, it's not suppose to be this hard.

Is that why the now "vaunted" Denver announcers kept loudly complaining about their pick'n'roll defense throughout the 2nd quarter. I mean, they were harping on it soo much that as a fan, I was actually chuckling at how angry they were getting at the team they were covering.

The "Fist Pumping" moment of the game: 4:38 remaining in the 3rd, after starting out 4 of 6 behind the arc, the Nuggets were now 5 of 16. The Pistons just tied the game at 67's when Gallo drains a three ball. Then after a Piston deuce, Iggy drains a three to get this going the way I originally imagined it going.

That is until a timeout (dang announcers) with 9:10 remaining in the game, the Nuggets apparantly decided to have a nap. The Nuggets went 5 minutes without draining a shot seeing a once 16 point lead dwindle to a 7 point lead.

Back to Iggy!! Going into a timeout with 2:49 remaining and Iggy about to go the line, Mr. Iguodala drains both free throws plus his following two shots to stop the bleeding. Yip, this multi-headed monster mash of players the Nuggets rely on to win, will work if Iggy can take his expected turns as late game hero.

Flawless Logic: I believe the player this team can`t afford to lose is Andre Miller!

His magic touch with McGee aside, if Miller were to go down, I shudder to think who would run the 2nd unit. Chandler has been less than average, only his rebounding is keeping his stat-line respectable. Hamilton went from emergency game one starter to being stapled to the pine in less than a week. Fournier, it`s way to soon unless he goes Faried style in his rookie season but I would hedge my bets on that one.

Can't wait to watch tonight's game on League Pass


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