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Laxlen 11-11-2012 01:20 PM

A 4th straight not really impressive win
1st Quarter

Going into the 1st timeout of the game with 5:52 remaining, it was 12-10 for the Nuggets. The Nugs would finish the quarter on a 12-3 run powered by Iggy who scored 11 points on 9 shots.

Lawson and Gallo would combine for ZERO points.

2nd Quarter

Iggy was held pointless, Gallo finished the half at 0-10, Lawson was missing easy layups, and Brewer had back to back turnovers resulting in Warriors buckets.

What was an 11 point lead was now a 1 point at lead at break.

3rd Quarter

Here's the statline at the end of the 3rd quarter - - 34% shooting, 8 of 16 from the charity stripe, 2 of 17 from behind the arc. Luckily the Warriors were shooting only 33%.

Gallo would hit his first shot of the game three minutes into the quarter, a reviewed play that later ended up being called a three ball. (In retrospect, what an important review this becomes eh?)

Faried and McGee crashing into each trying to collect a rebound after a missed free throw and losing possession of the ball nicely sums up the game so far.

4th Quarter

With Lawson struggling mightily, Andre Miller took over this game.

Scoring 8 of the Nugs 24 points, and assisting on buckets by Brewer, Gallo and Faried, Mr. Miller was turning back the hands of time.


An Achilles Heel of this team this young season has been free throw shooting. Tonight, the reason for the victory is because free throw shooting became the Achilles Heel of the Warriors in overtime.

First it was Thompson missing two free throws allowing Gallo to tie the game and send it into overtime two.

Then it was Landry missing 2 free throws with a minute left that kept the score at only a 4-pt deficit. Iggy and Gallo would hit back to back three's then Iggy and Gallo would each hit two free throws as the Nuggets finished the game on a 10-0 run to win 107-101.

Interesting note, the Nugs played "Centre-less" throughout the overtimes.

The "Fist Pumping" moment of the game:

Easily the back to back three's by Iggy and Gallo. Iggy had not made a shot since the 3rd quarter. For as hot as Gallo finished the game (8 of 12 shooting) seeing him hoist and drain the three was exhilarating and relieving at the same time.

Flawless Logic:

Do NOT look past the Phoneix road game on Monday to the Heat home game on Thursday.


SourPatchKids 11-12-2012 08:59 PM

Re: A 4th straight not really impressive win
Good analysis, Danilo broke the hearts of many of my friends during the Warriors game. Free-throw wise, if it weren't for Javale bringing the average down, you guys still could be decent. Good balance of youth and veterans but I think signing Kenyan Martin could be very beneficial for the nuggs.

Laxlen 11-13-2012 12:04 PM

Re: A 4th straight not really impressive win

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Good analysis.


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