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Bano114 11-17-2012 12:46 PM

Please help me to think I'm not going crazy
My friend is a Jet/Giant fan (:rolleyes: ) and I'm just a straight up Giant fan and I hate the Jets.

Another team I also hate being a Giants fan, is the Eagles.

So last night me and my friend got into an argument over who would you rather have as your QB.

Mike Vick or Mark Sanchez.

Isn't this a no brainer? How could anyone think Mark Sanchez is a better QB than Mike Vick? The guy was absolutely unbelievable before he went to prison and was considered a top 3 QB in the league. Sanchez hasn't sniffed the top 10.

He wants to point to the fact that Sanchez has had more play-off success and comes up big when it matters.

So I go ahead and ask him who he would rather have between Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan.

He reluctantly chooses Ryan because I go ahead and point to the fact that both Flacco and Sanchez had an elite defense and running game to bring them to the AFC championship game and were not the main reason for the play-off success.

Sanchez also simply cant dominate a game the way Vick is able to.

But he still sticks by his stance that Sanchez is a better QB than Vick and that if Sanchez had Jackson, Maclin, Shady and that offensive talent to throw to he would have alot of success.

I don't see it. Please tell me nobody here actually thinks Sanchez > Vick.

Real Men Wear Green 11-17-2012 01:49 PM

Re: Please help me to think I'm not going crazy
Vick was never a top 3 quarterback as a Falcon. I'm not sure where he rated but he topped out at 56% passing, never threw for 3,000 yards and maxed at 20 tds passing. What he was as a Falcon was scary. He could bust loose for a big play at any time with arms or legs. That made him entertaining and worth starting. But that doesn't mean a guy is great.

His first year as the Eages' starter he might have been top 3 and elite, but that's the only year he had like that.

Better than Sanchez? Yes, we'll give him that.

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