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Thorpesaurous 01-02-2013 10:11 AM

As some of you know, I picked up a new 500 gig PS for Christmas. My old 80 gig was finally filling up.

It was a fight to get all the data transferred. But one of the things I was told was that if I pay 50 bucks for the PS+ service I can do it via the cloud storage they provide.
I wound up doing it with ethernet cable. And it was a pain in the ass. Sync Trophies, disable account in one system. Set up one to send. Then you have to set up the second to recieve, which means you have to get that on screen too. And when it was going it got seemingly locked up at 78% for an hour+, so I started it over, then it did it again, and thinking something was wrong, I looked it up and apparently it's normal. So I just let it run for 5 hours or so and it did finally finish.

Once on I did reconnect to PS+, and I think that's where my trophies came back from. And once on there, with all the discounts, I felt compelled to pick up some store goods.

Hearing so much good stuff on all the year end lists lately, I grabbed Journey. It really is beautifull. The music is affecting. I ripped through it in a few hours. But I really started out not having the vaguest idea what the hell I was doing, and looking at the trophies, it appears finishing the game, even in my snoopy kind of way, only yielded about 4% completion. And it looks like there's lots of real stuff to find. It's a game that really requires experiencing to get better at it, and it felt really worth it to me.

Anyone else play it?

clipse026 01-02-2013 08:48 PM

Re: Journey
Yep I've completed it twice now and like you I'm maybe only 10-15% of the trophies. It's an amazing experience. The anonymous coop is a really neat way to do it and it works well with this game. I think this is something everyone should experience. They should consider porting to Steam as well. I know a ton of people would buy it up in a heartbeat.

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