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Rose 02-05-2013 04:22 PM

What are your expectations heading forward this season?
Let's say Rose hypothetically makes the rumored date of the 19th.

Here's the schedule The NBA was nice enough to give us probably the easiest first half...ever. Which of course means the second half of the season is going to be tough as nails.

There's 6 games against non-playoff teams. (Washington, Sacramento, Cleveland)

Then there's about that many with a few who are fringe playoff teams: Boston (who looks very nice without Rondo), Philly, Detroit, and arguably a big two at the tail of the season for the Raptors.

And the rest are all playoff team games. The good part is we've only got three back to back games left. So that's how the schedule breaks down.

So what are your expectations for Rose stats-wise, and games wise and what I mean by games wise is do you think he doesn't play on the backend of the back to back, or they randomly hold him out like the Hornets are doing for EJ.

Your expectation record-wise, and of course how far we get in the playoffs.

Personally I'm going to be a bit more cautious and say he comes back at 70% and averages something along the lines of 12-5. Plays around 20 minutes or so at the start and maybe finishes the season averaging 30-35 and they just let him go. I'd like to see him play none of the backend games, but I doubt that happens, or see him sit out the "gimme games" like Washington. (side note: they're actually as good as the Nets are against .500 teams:lol ) But I do think he'll get a random game off here or there.

Record wise I think we should see around 22 wins with Rose back. Meaning 22-8 Which is good enough for the second seed possibly and third definitely. And if we get that seed. Which means a home series against Milwaukee in the first round, and then a fun matchup with the Knicks most likely. While the team has done well against the Knicks I think they might could beat us in the playoffs at full health, if not obviously that sets up an ECF with Miami which we'd lose.

ljsbb27 02-06-2013 09:20 PM

Re: What are your expectations heading forward this season?
It's going to be interesting that's for sure. The Bulls have been extra cautious with Derrick throughout the whole process as they should be, but I think it has to get to a point where once they know he's good they should let him be DRose.

I could be wrong on this, but I think Iman Shumpert's injury was worse and he's been playing for a little while now already and it doesn't seem like the Knicks are limiting his minutes or randomly resting him either.

Now I'm not trying to compare Derrick and Iman. Derrick is a superstar franchise player and Iman is a role player, but i'm talking simply about them being basketball players and the injuries they sustained.

If the medical staff, coaching staff, and Derrick feel like he's 110% then let him play like it. Limit his minutes a bit, but not too much. Rest him randomly against teams that should be easy wins, but not too often.

If we want to seriously contend which I think is possible then we need Derrick to be Derrick not a limited version of himself.

I honestly think anything is possible. Miami doesn't look to be as good as last year and I can see them being upset by someone. I feel confident we can beat anyone in the East. Once you get to the Finals anything can happen. Our defense and rebounding would make it really hard on anyone that could come out of the West.

Crystallas 02-07-2013 02:01 AM

Re: What are your expectations heading forward this season?
The only thing that I expect is to be entertained and enjoy some basketball.

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