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Maniak 04-04-2013 02:07 AM

Ryan Hollins chokes Goran Dragic; deserves multi-game suspension
Video for those who didn't watch the blowout

I already posted on the matter in the BTE. Thought I'd make a thread in this forum. Will include quotes from users over on reddit as well. Thought they actually had intelligent insight.


Originally Posted by Maniak
hollins deserves at least a multi game suspension.

there is no logical reason for choking a player when you're up 20.


Originally Posted by Maniak
dragic was boxing out hollins (why i dont know) and they got a tad tangled. hollins started choking dragic for around 15-20 seconds as oneal tried to pull him away. hollins continues talking as he talks to the ref. he lets go, they yell face to face, both teams (not benches) are all up, beasley shoves and grabs at hollins. everyone gets pulled apart and theres more verbal confrontation

beasley does not deserve an ejection.

everyone giving hollins daps should get shot on the street tonight.


Originally Posted by Maniak
you cannot possibly believe that. he was blatantly choking dragic for a duration of time for no reason whatsoever.

he deserved to be laid out flat.

total bitch, total scrub.


Originally Posted by moefoe (reddit user)
What the **** hollins? He is smiling as he's holding poor dragic in that choke hold EVEN as he is talking to the ref. ****ing punk seriously. Good on beasley shoving his ass, honestly say what you want about him, he's loyal. Props to lamar for chewing hollins' stupid ass out. Honest to god acting like a ****ing punk. Dark knight in my opinion here was seriously matt barnes. No joke. He calmly held off beasley without actually creating any extra aggression. But jesus that pissed me off. Look at the ****ing score hollins, why the hell would you do that?
Edit: I think what pissed me off here was how everyone was cheering for him as he left.


Originally Posted by StepFatherGoose (reddit user)
Props to Beasley for sticking up for his PG. I don't know what Hollins was trying to pull off.


Originally Posted by urameshi (reddit user)
I believe what Hollins was trying to do (which is so stupid it hurts) is he was trying to prevent Dragic from flopping (since that looked like what Dragic was going to do). So Hollins grabbed on to Dragic to prevent him from flailing and so he wouldn't get called for the foul.

So why was he holding on so long? Probably to explain to the ref what Dragic was trying to do and what he was trying to do. So it looks like he was probably trying to explain why he wasn't fouling while he was actually fouling.

Because look at 1:25. It looks like Dragic is getting ready to sell that foul despite the fact that he went over for there to "box out" which is really debatable because they had the ball so why is he boxing out? So really it seems like Dragic went over there knowing he'd absorb contact so he can sell a foul. Hollins went over there to prevent him from getting the ball but being a big he just put his body on him and once he saw the flop coming he tried his best to stop it (and the only way to stop the flop is by getting physical, therefore pretty much intentionally fouling by holding).

tl;dr Ryan Hollins is an idiot.


Originally Posted by guitardude911 (reddit user)
I was at the game and saw it up close. It was very crazy, Hollins is an absolute dumbass. When Beasley was leaving, I've never heard so many boos, but for some reason everyone was cheering for Hollins (Blake Griffin was throwing his hands up trying to get the crowd to cheer for Hollins). Lamar was REALLY pissed off at Hollins and started pushing him asking wtf was wrong with him. Oh, and you don't even want to know what Clipper Darrel was like... haha

If Hollins is not suspended I will be absolutely infuriated. Clippers fans are disgusting scum of the earth. I'm angered that O'Neal nor Beasley laid right into Hollins but I guess you can't do that shit anymore.

livingby3's 04-04-2013 04:14 AM

Re: Ryan Hollins chokes Goran Dragic; deserves multi-game suspension
Not sure if Hollins was more of an ass, or the cheering fans

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