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Legend of Josh 06-27-2013 06:41 PM

I know it's a crazy thought, but maybe, just maybe ...
The Charlotte Bobcats will hit the jackpot in the 2014 draft. I highly doubt we'll make the post season, and we clearly never "tank" a season on purpose, but if there were to be an exception, clearly this coming year would be the one. Folks are saying Andrew Wiggins is (going to be) the best player to hit the draft since LeBron James.

Even if Wiggins is only half the player LBJ is, half the impact, etc, - that's HUGE. Players on the scale of LBJ are once in a lifetime caliber types, and if Wiggins is anything remotely close to His Greatness (King James) just imagine the potential impact that could have on a franchise that desperately needs a miracle to get themselves out of the shit-hole they're in.

Looking back at the Cleveland Cavaliers, that's exactly what LeBron James did for that franchise. A single player transformed a bottom-feeder franchise into a legitimate contender. Even as crummy as the Bobcats have been since their inception, landing a superstar the quality of even just a poor man's LeBron James could be the answer we so desperately need.

Having the # 4 pick and (fingers crossed) somehow a godsend unfolds right in front of our eyes getting us the # 1 pick in 2014, within an additional season or two, we could "transform" just like Cleveland did, and become a consistent playoff team, hell, even an actual "contender" ... I know this all sounds like wishful thinking, but it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

My biggest fear is two-fold. One, I personally believe the "lottery" system is not an actual lottery system. I believe David Stern and the powers that be, decide who does and who doesn't get say the Top 5 (or whatever) draft picks any given season. I don't believe it's a fair, just process. I mean think about it, yes Cleveland had a super high chance of landing LBJ in the 2004 draft, but him being from Cleveland, the turnaround of that franchise, etc. - way too convenient.

Secondly, we waste picks. We'll probably end up making a bad pick that just doesn't turn out to be in the best interest of our franchise this year with the # 4 pick. Personally, I feel it's a delicate balance of just pure bad luck and pure bad decisions. It never seems to be in the cards for us to make a selection that turns out to be a superstar caliber player. We've never drafted/traded etc a player who turned out to be a superstar in the league, and how many actual all-stars?

... and like I said in the thread title, I know it's crazy and probably wishful thinking, but I have this feeling we'll get the # 1 pick in the 2014 draft, given it's not *fixed* as I predict it is (and always has been). I hope I'm totally wrong, because if I'm right, I just can't see David Stern and his henchmen allowing the Bobcats (hopefully Hornets) to land a flagship player like Wiggins if he's supposed to be the next LeBron James.



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