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Jballer 10-01-2013 10:42 AM

Besides the All Star Game....
1) Wont be the Toronto Huskys

After weighing the possibility of a name change, new management for the Toronto Raptors has decided to execute a rebranding effort that keeps the teamís current moniker in place

Personally I hoped for a name change.

2) Still potentially an "upper tier team" after the big 5 based on pure revenue.

Despite missing out on the playoffs for the fifth straight season, Toronto managed to rank No. 13 in home attendance last season, at more than 18,100 fans per game.

Zan Tabak 10-02-2013 07:34 AM

Re: Besides the All Star Game....

The Name Game became one of the most popular such enterprises in league history, generating more than 2,000 entries. The final top-10 list was dominated by animal names: Beavers, Bobcats, Dragons, Grizzlies, Hogs (Torontoís nickname is Hogtown), Raptors, Scorpions, T-Rex, Tarantulas, and Terriers.

:oldlol: None of those names please.

I for one would be happy with the name changed to "Huskies". It has history and is a more traditional basketball team name.

'Raptors' imo, is a bit silly and has an expansion team sound to it

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