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$LakerGold 10-13-2013 12:10 PM

NBA 2k14 Shot Form Thread
Apparently, 2k devs are still retarded with this thing, they can never get it right. & this is what's been buggin me for the past 13 years of playing NBA games. 2k made some progress when Shaun Livingston, Marion, Dirk, & several others had their own short forms, & that really made me happy :D.
Thankfully, they changed it to where you can change the player's shot form & base last year (Not just release).

& I'm just really obsessed on trying to find the right one.

If you guys wanna add, feel free to do so.


Ray Allen: Perfect one. Extremely accurate. Although, his foot lands in an odd way, but this is by far the accurate one.

Release Timing - ALL, just cuz' he's been always like that depending on the situation. But In-game, I prefer normal.
Shooting Form - Ray Allen
Shot Base - Kyrie Irving


Rajon Rondo: Closest one I can get to, can definitely still be improved. I don't really care about his form, though, It just needs to be close enough to his real-life shot form.

Release Timing - Normal
Shooting Form - Larry Bird
Shot Base - 14


Pau Gasol: Definitely needs more improvement, but this is the closet one I can get to. It's his shot base that i'm having trouble finding. He needs to be bending over like a little girl. lol A set shot that doesn't jump so high. Needs to be a little slow on the pre-jump.

Shooting Form - Pau Gasol
Shot Base - Set Shot 9


Dirk Nowitzki: Just needs a little tweak on his shot base. He does not keep his body straight (90 degree angle) when he shoots. He slightly leans back as he shoots the ball. He either leans back or forward depending on the situation. And his right leg should be placed a little more ahead/forward than his left leg. Something similar to Rondo's shot base, or Melo's shot base in 2k10 or 2k9.

Release Timing - Normal or Late, But I prefer Normal. But on certain situations, he sometimes to have give it a late release.
Shooting Form - Dirk Nowitzki
Shot Base - Jason Kidd.

That's it for now. I will definitely mess around with the shot forms until 2k15. lol

If you guys would like to help me, here's my wishlist for figuring the most accurate ones. :D

Kobe Bryant
Pau Gasol
Trevor Ariza
Derrick Rose
Mo Williams

... Mostly everyone, cuz they never get that shit right. :facepalm

I hope I helped! Let's keep this thread flowing.

TheReal Kendall 10-14-2013 05:39 PM

Re: NBA 2k14 Shot Form Thread
2k's shot timing thing is inconsistent.

You can get a A+ and excellent release and still miss.

I know it's suppose to be realistic but this just makes me 2nd guess my guy

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