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RoundMoundOfReb 10-31-2013 10:52 AM

Seahawks vs Rams - Inside Comments from both sides
This guy was working the oxygen masks for both sidelines (one in each half, posted pics as proof)


It is totally different than what I had hear the conversations was surreal. To see the physical toll of the game was surreal. I worked Seattle's bench 1rst half and the Rams 2nd half.

First Seattle. Earl Thomas is small. I couldn't believe how small and compact he is for a guy that hits so hard. Sherman is a super nice guy. He's long and tall. Both corners are really big guys. Sherman was constantly pumping up is guys and had no respect for Clemons. Called him a nobody. (Don't know if I disagree) But none of them could believe how powerful Stacey was... Bryant and Mebane were absolutely (upset) they could not contain Stacy. KJ Wright mentioned he got trucked by Stacy.

Wilson was frustrated the whole game. He refuse to talk to the Olineman. He kept telling Lynch that "94" was taking their Oline to school. His words not mine. After Irving's interception Irving went over and thanked Thomas for calling the wheel route on the presnap read and Irving jumped in the space to where the RB was going and picked it off. Clemons never saw him dropping in the hole.

That defense feeds off thomas not Sherman. Thomas is the most respected guy on that defense and it's not even close. Ken Norton was (upset) at the LBs play. He shouting to them to get off blocks becasue Stacy was chewing up yards in thier zones. They were frustrated with our running and our pass rush. And didn't have an answer for it in the first half.
2nd half Rams side.

Defense was pumped up. Chris Long and Finnegan was leading the cheers on the sideline. For the record I would like to say a couple of things. Chris Long is pretty :!: good. Because Quinn is getting lot of sacks he gets played down. But he was causing havoc which caused Seattle to not be able to double Quinn the whole game. To watch Jenkins at field level man he is quick.

Did not seem eith er coorindator was getting much respect from his guys. I could be wrong just seemed that way...and for the record, forget what the media says, Quick did not run the wrong route on the last play. And I will leave it at that.

That was the most exicted I have been before during and after a game since the Super Bowl whenthe Rams beat the Titans. What an Experience!

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