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StateProperty 11-07-2013 03:04 AM

Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
Could this 0-8 Bucs team do what the Chiefs did and reverse their fortune next season?

- Possible #1 pick, top 2 likely
- Defensive talent on team- Revis, Goldson, Barron, McCoy, David
- Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson (better as a combo than Charles/Bow,right?)
- If they don't get Bridgewater, could go with Clowney or Barr to add to defense
- Also if don't go QB, Glennon still growing. 0 INTs last 3 weeks.
- Close, competitive losses this season. 3 point OT loss at SEA, 1 point loss @NYJ, 2 point loss vs NO, 3 pt loss vs Arizona

Could this be the most appetizing job for a head coach?

Real Men Wear Green 11-07-2013 06:34 AM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
Nowhere to go but up but if the Bucs have the potential for that kind of improvement Shiano is the worst NFL coach of all time.

ROCSteady 11-07-2013 08:51 AM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
I like the premise of this thread as I hadn't thought about it with this organization but where you're going with this is not far fetched at all IMO.

However, it's hard to believe a rookie QB can duplicate the type of ball security that Alex Smith has this season. Even if they keep Glennon around, Alex Smith had great QB tutelage in San Francisco that jumped his game from possible 'bust' to smart QB of an undefeated team halfway through the year.

Also, I think all that great talent in the secondary needs to prove itself before teams should fear it the way fans did on paper prior to the season. Now admittedly, I haven't watched many of their games after the first couple weeks but they didn't really play as a unit.

Tampa has really talented pieces (you forgot McCoy) but where the Chiefs comparison is kinda lost with me is....

they need to trade for a veteran QB who is efficient and well coached. Bridgewater, Mariota or McCarron (sp?) would be better for the long term but to mirror the disaster to spectacular scenario of this year's Chief's, the Bucs would need to bring in a guy who has experience at this level in times of consequence who isn't a complete dunce at this point.

Good thread though, some interesting comparisons

JMT 11-09-2013 01:11 PM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
I don't see potential for a turnaround comparable to what KC has done, but there certainly is nowhere to go but up.

I wouldn't put Martin near Charles status, though Jackson has outperformed Bowe. Wright could end up being a big factor.

While the defense does have talent, I don't get the same sense that I did watching the Chiefs last year. KC had a very good defense that was sabotaged by an offense that couldn't stay on the field at all. Bucs D looks solid, but still makes some crucial mistakes.

The biggest difference is at QB. Smith is a proven pro and winner. Glennon or whoever they would draft is going to be significantly behind Smith in the ability to manage a game in a low risk offense. And for a "low risk" offense, KC can put a lot of pressure on a defense because of the presence of two guys with game breaking speed (Charles and McCluster).

Their division is an obstacle as well. I think Carolina is starting to find themselves (though that could have been said of them at some point in each of the last couple seasons), Atlanta should be healthier and better, and NO is the gold standard. Tampa could well be significantly better yet struggle for 6-7 wins.

Good thread and premise worth thinking about.

knickballer 11-09-2013 05:51 PM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
I think they should make a move for Jon Gruden to return as their HC. It would bring buzz back to the organization and he's a QB guru. I think Mike Glennon is a fine QB and if he continues to play well as a rookie there's no reason to draft elsewhere although I can see a new coach bringing in his guy.

But yea coaching is crucial. If they get the right coach then they can easily be a playoff team in todays NFL. Almost every team in the NFL has a shot of making the playoffs before the start of the season(can't be said with other sports)

B-Easy8 11-10-2013 03:02 AM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
Im a Bucs fan.

I really like Glennon, I don't think we draft another QB. I think we go with Clowney, we lack an elite pass rusher.

I don't understand how Schiano still has a job.

Wavves 11-10-2013 08:11 AM

Re: Could '14 Bucs mirror the Chiefs?
New management will come in once everyone is fired and won't want to go ahead with a 3rd round QB from last managements plans.

Team is drafting a franchise QB

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