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insidehoops 11-24-2013 04:39 AM

Bucks lineup change coming?
Larry Drew said there could be a change coming to his starting lineup following Saturday's loss to the Bobcats.
"I hope it ticked some of them off," Drew said. "But if it didn't, I don't care. We're going to play the right way, and we're going to play hard whether they like it or not." He added there was "selfish" play, which makes sense after his starters combined for just four assists as a unit on Saturday. The Bucks rank dead last in scoring per game, last in offensive efficiency, 26th in pace and 21st in turnovers, so it's not a stretch saying they have the worst offense in the NBA. For what it's worth the Bucks shoot six percent better from the field with O.J. Mayo off the court compared to when he's on the court.

-- Rotoworld

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