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final.wrath 05-08-2007 12:19 AM

NBA 2k7: Rebuilding the Sonics
I picked the Sonics as my franchise team because I wanted to start from the ground up and face a big challenge as a GM.

The first move I made was a sign and trade deal with Portland. Portland has made it known they are going to look for a guy in free agency and Rashard specifically was mentioned. This was the deal I made:

Rashard Lewis SF (new sallary 15 million) - Portland is looking for a major SF and this guy is the best one available. Excellent shooter and above average defender. Will stretch the defense and make Roy/Randolph more effective inside.


Travis Outlaw SF/PF (new salary 9 million) - versatile slasher and defender, fairly young and can rebound the basketball
Martell Webster SG/SF (3 million) - seattle native who can hit the long range shot, but his shot selection has been pretty poor so far in his career.
Dan Dickau PG (3 Million) - thrown in the trade as filler, no plans for him to play any real role on the Sonics...but he'll get a chance for the backup PG spot.

The second trade I made was with Atlanta. They need a point guard and a big man and I gave up both.

Earl Watson PG (6.5 Mil) - I decided to go with Luke as our main PG because he is younger and a better scorer. Hawks desperately need a PG and Watson can do the job. Great defender and distributor, but he can be a chucker.
Nick Collison PF/C (2 mil) - Nick is a solid big man and he fills another need the hawks have. He's a decent player but you have to give something to get something.


Josh Childress SF/SG (4 million) -Josh had a great season this year but remains under the radar outside of Atlanta. He can rebound well and has a nice offensive game. Atlanta is willing to give him up to free up playing time for Marvin Williams, who took the starting spot as the 07 season came to a close.

I signed Josh Voshkul ,a solid backup center, for a little under the MLE. I needed him to replace Collison.

For the draft I took Yi Jianlian with the 6th pick. He should fit well with our running style and looks like he could turn into a star if he gets stronger. He will give the organization a financial boost as well due to the marketing possibilities in China.

New Lineup:


Team Strategy:

I think the NBA is coming back to fastbreak basketball, and I think this team has the pieces to run and gun. Ridnour is most effective in transition and Childress/Outlaw will make this squad a much better rebounding team than last year. When Ray Allen's contract expires I will look for a major name on the free agent market and hopefully have a good enough team to be a factor in the playoffs.

Glove_20 05-08-2007 10:16 AM

Re: NBA 2k7: Rebuilding the Sonics
Um. that makes Sonics worse...

I did something similar, here was my new team

Gerald W/Collison

That team would rock

anonymouse 05-24-2007 05:41 AM

Re: NBA 2k7: Rebuilding the Sonics
Dude, how did you get real draft picks in your game???

A-MATT 05-26-2007 12:25 AM

Re: NBA 2k7: Rebuilding the Sonics

Originally Posted by anonymouse
Dude, how did you get real draft picks in your game???

import the draft class from college basektball 2k7.

anonymouse 06-26-2007 01:06 PM

Re: NBA 2k7: Rebuilding the Sonics
He should re-do the season to get #2 and Durant :P

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