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winci 07-06-2006 05:23 PM

Who have the better chance
PHX only have 10 players under contract and it looks like they won't be signing anyone until summer league is over. There are a few intriguing guys who could help the suns next season.

IMO Lionel Chalmers, Romain Sato,and Lampe have the best chance of getting a contract with the suns. Since we already got a solid 8-man rotation these guys just have to come and play with energy for a few minutes, play good defense, hit open jumpers and hustle. They are more than capable of doing that and are cheaper players.

What are your toughts on that ????

sixty 07-07-2006 08:24 AM

I think they will sing Sato... just my gut feeling...

Lampe didn't work out.... never will. :ohwell:

jc123 07-07-2006 06:48 PM

they will sign Sato and maybe Chalmers if he beforms well in the summer league

tnelson1 07-11-2006 04:22 AM

I think Lampe has improved since he last played for the Suns.
He was only 18 years old at that time.
He is an excellent shooter and could be a decent rebounder.

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