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Bishop 07-10-2006 01:23 PM

KG Reminds Me Of.....
Allen Iverson.. Only in the sense that they are both great players, but not surrounded with enough talent.. Basically carrying the load for the team, organization, franchise, etc..

Now as a Sixer fan, I keep reading on different message boards about a Philly/Minny trade.. Of course, I'd rather KG moving to Philly, with AI..

Question is, other than folks posting on message boards, is there any credible sources out there in Minny mentioning anything close to KG to Philly, or AI to Minny??

DRCocaCola 07-10-2006 06:42 PM

Not sure about AI rumors, although it appears every team in the league has inquired with Philly.

I've never seen any credible report that KG wants to leave the Wolves or that the Wolves are interested in trading him. He has talked about the team needs, but he is too respectful and respectable to talk to the press about wanting to leave.

Like AI, I think every team in the league has probably inquired, but he is not going anywhere.

ZeN 07-10-2006 08:13 PM

Its going to be hard for philly and minnesota to move those two guys.. because they wont be able to receive equal value..

Look at the lakers dealing shaq.... :banghead:

I think they are both hoping to find a third team in the mix that will equalize the deals, so that they dont end up with chump change...


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