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Lebron23 07-05-2007 02:07 PM

Rob Van Dam Talks About WWE Departure/Chris Benoit
Rob Van Dam Talks About WWE Departure/Chris Benoit

07/04/2007 by Ryan Clark

Rob Van Dam was interviewed Tuesday night on AM 570 KLAC in Los Angeles. Here are the highlights:

- Host Joe McDonnell said RVD is on a hiatus from wrestling.

- RVD said it’s nice to take a break and heal up. RVD said he is looking forward to the time when he says that its been awhile since he has been on an airplane.

- RVD said no one seen this coming in the Benoit case, and said he looked up to Benoit in the WWE locker room. “He really was a role model’s role model,” said RVD.

- RVD said Benoit had a lot of love for his family, and still can’t believe it. “We still don’t know what happened,” RVD said.

- McDonnell said he hopes they find a brain tumor in Benoit’s brain to help ease people’s hatred for Benoit.

- RVD said he had Benoit in his comic book store.

- RVD said he is still in shock that someone he knows committed these horrific acts.

- He said people have to realize the difference between using steroids and abusing steroids. RVD said abuse of any drug is bad.

- RVD said ‘roid rage’ takes over your mind for a moment.

- RVD said it’s scary to think about the turn Benoit made in real life.

- “They are of course,” said RVD of WWE getting unfair treatment from the media. RVD said, yes, the road schedule is demanding, but not all of us kill our families.

- RVD said he always speaks him mind, because he has no reason not too.

- RVD said he has seen the wellness policy help to straighten out a few younger wrestlers. He said he has seen guys go to rehab. RVD said the wellness policy is there for those that need help.

- He said his understanding of Eddy Guerrero’s death was caused by a variety of things including his former addiction to alcohol. “I don’t believe it was just steroids that killed Eddy,” said RVD.

- He said wrestlers have a choice to stay in the business and not to become an addict. RVD said CM Punk is an example of someone that doesn’t do drugs or even drinks.

- RVD said he would tell kids that are wrestling fans that wrestling didn’t kill Chris Benoit and his family, it was just the occupation he had.

- RVD said wrestling isn’t doing so bad.

- He said he has been in the business 18 years.

- He said he needed a break from the business, and was getting tired of the routine.

- RVD said he is enjoying spending time with his wife. He said he is lying low, and isn’t excited about leaving Los Angeles right now. He said he’ll post some news on his web site in July about what’s coming up for RVD.

- “I’m extremely happy and doing very, very well,” said RVD for his fans.

- McDonnell said RVD is probably the most honest guy he talks to in the business

Skywalker 07-05-2007 02:14 PM

Re: Rob Van Dam Talks About WWE Departure/Chris Benoit
hes related to Jean Claude Van Dam right?

Lebron23 07-05-2007 02:17 PM

Re: Rob Van Dam Talks About WWE Departure/Chris Benoit

Originally Posted by Skywalker
hes related to Jean Claude Van Dam right?

No, He just look like Jean Claude Van Dam. :)

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