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DTribble 07-12-2006 04:30 PM

TT reminiscing about the BIG 3....
"It was total chaos," Thomas told The Star Ledger of playing with Milwaukee. "Nobody wants to be in a situation like that. Those guys were *****ing over shots, *****ing over minutes, *****ing over airplane food. All I was trying to do was sacrifice to win. Some guys in this league aren't willing to do that."

What?! I'm one of T Squared biggest fans, but are you kidding me? He had his role as a 6th man, and filled it well. So well that he was given the contract and the keys to the Bucks car. Do you remember that tattoo he got saying that it was "My Time". or something like that. He's done it again. A great showing in the playoffs, one series of playoffs...and he gets a new contract. I wish him all the best, but how long ago was the Big 3? Get over it. Enjoy Sam I Am too.

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