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marny_navis 07-18-2006 10:03 PM

Blockbuster trade by Marny_Navis
I recently wrote this trade proposal on another topic, but I would like this to get a little more exposure. Tell me what you feel about this trade to rebuild the nuggets.


Here is my trade proposal:

Nuggets receive:
G Cuttino Mobley
G Sam Cassell
F Tim Thomas
Option to swap 1st round picks 2007
2007 2nd round pick

Clippers receive:
C/F Kenyon Martin
PG Andre Miller
SG J.R. Smith
Earl Boykins

Coach Dunleavy could set K-Mart and J.R. straight. Andre will be a good career backup to Shaun Livingston and make the bench better. K-Mart would give athleticism next to Elton Brand, and they would make each other better. Smith would give Livingston an option along with Corey Maggette in transition. He would have the opportunity to be a star at SG.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Nuggets get a good second option to Carmelo Anthony in Cuttino Mobley, along with great 3 point shooting. Sam Cassell would give Denver the opportunity to win NOW, and Thomas would give another shooter and an option in transition, and Denver would be given the opportunity to trade selections with L.A. in '07 and maybe pick up a PG like Gabe Pruitt of USC. Thomas also takes pressure off Mobley to do all the shooting.

*Another thing I would do if I was Denver is try to get Mike Gansey. I don't know if he is available, but he would also help Denver shoot the ball better.

ZeN 07-19-2006 03:16 AM

So you are saying trade Cassel who stabilized the Clips and trade proven chemistry.. for some marginal players from the ChickenNuggets... :applause: Nice job at daydreaming...:cheers:

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