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Cavs2007Champs 07-24-2006 03:32 PM

Summer League surprises...
A link to check out all of the stats of the players in the summer league....

Shannon Brown was obviously impressive and is going to be a good player this season.

Last years Roster players averages.
Stephen Graham, G/F
46.2% FG 45.5%3-PF 62.5%FT 3.2 REBS 1.8 ASST 1.2 STLS 9.6 PPG

Sasha Pavlovic, G/F
30.4%FG 30.8% 3-PF 60.0% FT 3.0 REBS 1.3 ASSTS 11.0 PPG

Martynas Andriuskevicius, F/C
60.0% FG % 66.7% 3-PT% 57.1% FT 3.3 REBs 0.5 BLKS 6.0 PPG

Invitees that impressed.

Brandon Hunter, F
52.2% FG 57.1% FT 9.2 REBS 1.8 BLKS 9.6 PPG FT M-A 24-42

27 Sharrod Ford, F
56.8% FG 33.3% 3-PT 63.3% FT 7.6 REBS 1.4 BLKS 12.4 PPG

Pavlovic is expected to do bigger things, but had 2 good games and then 2 bad and sat out the 5th game, 30% FG is horrendous. Steven Graham looked to be promising, solid numbers for the summer league. Marynas had good FG % and good 3PT %, but didnt' shoot much, but looked like Z on defense from video high lights.

Brandon Hunter is a big boy, 6'9 265 or something like that, and Sharrod Ford is a nice athletic player. Both were rebounding and scoring and coming up with blocks. We need to the defense, rebounds, blocks and more Forwards. I like Hunter, He almost averaged a double double, and is a big boy, think Danny Fortson. And he got to the line 42 times, the most of anyone on the team, he didn't convert, but it shows he's working hard down in the paint.

I think Hunter and Ford will get invites for training camp to make a roster spot.

I think Pavlovic and Graham's spots might be in jeopardy, knowing that we have 2 new guards, Gibson and Brown, and now the rumor that we're signing David Wesley. We don't have many open spots on the roster, so we'll see some things in the next few months.

AKADS 08-01-2006 05:54 AM

We need to make a deal and get rid of some of our 2/3s
Like Jackson
Ira Newble
Damon Jones

Not Goin to be traded

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