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soog 07-25-2006 12:39 AM

Mav's attemptin to sign george

George on the way: The Mavericks are working on details of a contract that will lock up former Los Angeles Laker Devean George.

The 6-8, free-agent forward was a vital part of the Lakers' championship teams with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. That experience is what has the Mavericks excited about the possibility of landing him with a veteran's minimum contract, about $1.2 million, guaranteed.

The Mavericks on Monday finalized the trade that brings backup point guard Anthony Johnson to the team for Darrell Armstrong, Josh Powell and Rawle Marshall. Even if Powell and Marshall are waived by the Pacers, they will not be returning to Dallas, apparently.

The Mavericks, according to Johnson, believe that a veteran with NBA Finals experience will better serve them at this point than young projects. George would fit that billing.

LiL Stevie 07-26-2006 06:13 PM

Mavs have upped their offer to 1 year, $2 million. It's still far from being a done deal. In fact, I don't even think it was that close to begin with. The stupid Dallas Morning News just used bad wording to make it seem like it was 95% done. Apparently, some other teams are still after George too.

Pointguard01 07-27-2006 06:24 PM

Id rather go after Jumaine Jones.

Im surprised he hasnt been signed yet and there are absolutely no rumors or talk about him as a UFA. I bet Dallas could snag him for a 3year, 6+ million contract...

LiL Stevie 07-27-2006 06:35 PM

Yeah I like Jumaine Jones too. He also has NBA Finals experience when he played with the Sixers.

mavsfan4zindagi 07-27-2006 06:38 PM

Jones is a better player then George, so I'm pretty sure he can get more then the 2 million Devean is being offered.

He'd be an excellent pick-up, but he's an even less realistic option then George.

LiL Stevie 07-27-2006 06:45 PM

^^True. He's a better overall player than George, with more offensive skill so he should demand more money. Plus, coming to Dallas to be the 10th-12th man and not a consistant part of the rotation doesn't sound too attractive, especially for a guy who's still relatively young like him.

mavsfan4zindagi 07-27-2006 07:01 PM

Pretty much.

But I think the Mavs should make a legit run at both guys, considering that there aren't any veteran options left at the backup SF spot.

Jones may not be possible with what we have left to offer, but I think we can get George if we give him a 2 to 3 year contract.

Pointguard01 07-27-2006 07:26 PM

George doesnt deserve a 2-3 year contract. Jumaine Jones, however does. I would think he would go fro more than a 3 year, 7 million dollar contract at the beginning of the season too, but I have yet to see many rumors of teams going after him even after guys like Salmon, Bucker, Griffin, Fred Jones, Trevor Ariza, ect are getting signed.

Fred Jones is younger than Jumaine Jones and just signed a 3 year, 11 million dollar contract, averging very similar numbers to Jumaine. I do think he's probably out of our reach if every team had money available, but most dont and if he wants to go to a winning team, he may have to accept less money.

Dallas at least needs to be aquiring about him with his agent and seeing whats up, and I have yet to see that happen...

kentatm 07-31-2006 02:05 PM

i dont see why the Mavs would want DG. he is really not all that good. he shoots a horrible percentage and really only is good for 3's and since the Mavs have added AC Slater, Buckner and Turtle, they really dont need another 3 pt shooter.

and title experiance? please. he was paid to ride the bench and to watch the Kobe and Shaq show. thats about it.

Silent Mav 07-31-2006 03:28 PM

It's one of those things that sounds good at first. You hear George and you know the name from the Lakers and the championships and it sounds good. But you start thinking about it a little more and realize, it's been a while and he didn't do all that much. And it doesn't sound so good after all.

mavsfan4zindagi 07-31-2006 03:28 PM

Realistically speaking, what other FA SF is going to provide us with the same size and range and at the same bargin price of 2 million/year?

I think Jumiane Jones would be better, but I'm thinking he goes for more then what we can offer.

On top of that, what other serviceable player is gonna be willing to come here and be the 12th man with almost no guarantee of consistent playing time?

Not saying that George is gonna come here and tear it up, but I think he's a great insurance policy and addresses some needs at the SF position.

Milkman 08-09-2006 02:56 AM


Originally Posted by Pointguard01
Id rather go after Jumaine Jones.

Im surprised he hasnt been signed yet and there are absolutely no rumors or talk about him as a UFA. I bet Dallas could snag him for a 3year, 6+ million contract...

yeah id like Jumaine Jones much also but he'll prolly want more court time

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