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luigi>mario 12-29-2007 02:31 PM

Contract Math
We just traded for an upgrade and a contract extention with Korver. If the front office is planning on staying under the cap, he has a funny way of showing it. Not trading AK for Marion and trading Giricek for Korver were both long term deals.
The salaries generally increase each year, but this is what we are working with.

4 years
Andrei Kirilenko $13,735,000
Kyle Korver $4,500,000
3 years
Carlos Boozer $11,593,816 (if he takes the player option)
Mehmet Okur $9,000,000 (if he takes the player option)
Deron Williams $4,010,640 (if he takes the qualifying offer)
Matt Harpring $6,000,000
2 years
Jarron Collins $2,350,000
Ronnie Brewer $1,715,040 (+1 year team option, + qualifying offer)
Ronnie Price $1,100,000
Morris Almond $1,005,960 (+2 year team options, +qualifying offer)
Kyrylo Fesenko $750,000 (+1 year team option)
1 year
Jason Hart $2,300,000
C.J. Miles $945,610
Paul Millsap $687,456 (+1 year team option)

What is the plan ???

luigi>mario 12-29-2007 03:24 PM

Re: Contract Math
Boozer and Okur have player options 09/10
Williams has a qualifying offer for 6.6M 09/10

Brewer has a team option for 09/10 and a qualifying offer for 10/11
Almond has a team option for 09/10, 10/11 and a qualifying offer for 11/12
Fesenko has a team option for 09/10
Milsap has a team option for 08/09

luigi>mario 12-29-2007 03:50 PM

Re: Contract Math
Here comes the novel.

Williams will definatly get the offer in 09/10 to avoid paying a max deal until 10/11. That is when we will probably let Okur go to free agency.

Okur and Boozer will both take their player options 09/10. Then Boozer will resign for a max type deal with Williams and Okur goes to free agency.

It's funny/sad/unfair that Milsap gets paid the least on the whole team, but I bet we teake the team option for 08/09 and continure ot pay him nothing to postpone resigning him. Then I bet we loose him.

Brewer is like Milsap. Extend and then loose him to a team with more money and less wins.

Fes too, take the team option and keep the player for little money, unless we think we can get him for a couple more years at a collins salary 2.5 million 3 years. By the end of the team option he might be worth more than that so we could sign him instead of extend.

I think we pick up both years of Almond's contract and keep the Flash star and 2 option rollin.

All these contract years in 2009/2010 will result in a championship run IMO.
Kirilenko (one year away)
Korver (one year away)/Brewer*/Almond

So for 2010/2011 we have
AK max (next year free agency or pay cut).
DWIll max.
Boozer max.
Okur gone.
Brewer extended to 09/10 and then gone(?).
Milsap extended to 08/09 and then gone.
Fes extended or signed for long and cheap.
Almond still under extension and perfectly integrated into the system.
Korver a free agent or pay cut.
Harpring free agent or pay cut.

Add in new rookies with rookie salaries and cheap 1-2 year vet contracts to fill in the holes.

Major Conclusion
Okur goes free agent (unless we trade AK)
AK takes pay cut at the end of his contract
Milsap is milked then lost
Brewer is milked and then probably lost
Max deals for Williams/Boozer 10/11 (bite the bullet on the cap for that year)

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