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almightydavidbc 04-02-2008 03:00 PM

Unique "College Roster" for NBA 2k8
What I do because of the monotony of playing the same teams with the same players every franchise is a make a college roster...
by that i mean i put all players who went to the same college on 1 team
Team Duke
Team North Carolina
Team UConn

I also put all Hi school players on their own teams (they take up 3) trying to space out talent and filling needs by position and matching player skills

I also put all foreign players on teams. team South America/Spain then about 4 more teams of just European players to max out team potential two of those are all the euro busts(yeah there are taht many). then i put the remaing on 2 teams making both pretty good.

then i start pairing colleges of 6-7 players with others based on either their relationship(same state etc...) or by team needs...
Team Maryland/Kansas
Team Michingan/Michigan St.
Team Wake Forest/Georgia Tech

then i start putting like regions or states schools together
Team Northeast USA(St. Johns, syracuse, Rhode Island, UMass)
Team Deep South(Alabama, Miss etc)
Team Florida(UF, Florida St., Fl intl, )
Team Texas (UT, A&M)

i can post specific lineups later, it makes for a lot of fun its a timely process to do it but its well worth it i think
i also use to do a legends roster where i put players back on the team they played best for suped their ratings back up to their prime form and got all the legends off legend teams and did it that way. but 2k8 took away ability to get legends off their legend teams :banghead: if there were doubles i tried to put them on sep teams if they played for mult teams

The Big Three 04-02-2008 07:15 PM

Re: Unique "College Roster" for NBA 2k8
Interesting idea. I thought the thread was going to be about bringing up your college team from your college video game to the NBA Video Game though. That would be a cool idea too if a good number of your players were drafted.

almightydavidbc 04-02-2008 09:54 PM

Re: Unique "College Roster" for NBA 2k8
Actually what I did was in a season i imported this years draft class, overrided some trades and got all the prominent rooks onto one team. then exported that team and put them into the season, yea they kinda suck but it was an idea...i called them the college players....creative right?

almightydavidbc 04-04-2008 11:22 AM

Re: Unique "College Roster" for NBA 2k8
here are a few examples of the teams that were created

Wake Forest/Georgia Tech:
Tim Duncan
Chris Bosh
Josh Howard

Mehmet Okur
Dirk Nowitzki
with Kirelenko, Jaric, Bargnani off bench

Yi Jianlian
Boris Diaw
Tony Parker
with Pietrus off bench

Team NE US:
Lamar Odom
Ron Artest
Carmelo Anthony
Jameer Nelson
with Delonte West Etan Thomas, Hakim Warrick off bench

Team Georgetown/Illinois
Dikembe Mutumbo
Alonzo Mourning
Jeff Green
Deron Williams

Elton Brand
Luol Deng
Corey Maggette
Chris Duhon
with Grant Hill, Dunleavy off bench

Rasheed Wallace
Antawn Jamison
Vince Carter
Micheal Jordan(yea i made him)
raymond felton
with haywood, mcinnis off bench

Team S America/Spain:
Pau Gasol
Andres Nocioni
Manu ginobili
Jose Calderon
with barbosa, varejao

Team Ohio:
Greg Oden
David West
James Posey
Micheal Redd
Mike Conley

Team Florida:
David Lee
Corey Brewer
Mike Miller
Sam Cassell
with Noah, j-will, raja bell, al thorton, chucky atkins, carlso arroyo, udonis haslem off bench

Team Texas:
Jeff Foster
? i forgot
K Durant
Antoine Wright
TJ Ford

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