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Mile High Crew 04-22-2008 01:27 PM

Defending Kobe and Gasol
Can anyone on the Nuggets stop Kobe and/or Pau Gasol?
The first thing the Nuggets need is Nene because he is a big inside force that can get physical with Gasol. ( The upside is he practiced yesterday)
Kenyon Martin has defended Kobe well, but we need to have K-Mart play inside defense to stop Odom and the rest of the Lakers Bigs.
Kleiza and Smith are two possible starters on Kobe, even though A.C. has good defense the Triangle offense of the Lakers will limit A.C.'s ablilities.

CaptainOwlClub 04-22-2008 04:01 PM

Re: Defending Kobe and Gasol
i agree with you that kmart needs to be on odom

iverson is unhideable defensively against the lakers with guys like radmonovic and walton being way to big- iverson must be willing to attempt to cover fisher, vujacic & farmar- ac will only be usefull as ai's backup in this series- 1 little guy at a time

all pau was doing in game 1 was runing to the hoop and waiting for the ball catching it and dunking- someone has to keep him away from the basket- the only guy we have that can do it is nene- IF he is healthy

ive always strongly believed that we will never win until/if NENE is our second best player

the craziest thing about this whole thing to me is - the nugs are the team that is bigger and stronger and faster than everybody in the league and has to many athletes and bodies for anyone to deal with- karl just CHOOSES not to use that to his advantage by playing a ac and ai together and giving one gaurd from the other team the play off on each end of the court

iverson should no longer accept always taking the other teams least threat and focus the same energy he has with the ball to really trying to cover the ball as a defensive pg- he may only play 35 instead of 42 mins but imo it would win us this series

Richie2k6 04-24-2008 07:42 PM

Re: Defending Kobe and Gasol
Denver needs to focus on stopping LA as a team, stopping the passing game, and collapsing in the paint. Stopping Kobe and Gasol individually isn't going to happen, and if it does, they're both very good passes who can easily find other teammates and get assists. Team defense is key, not necessarily individual defense. If you can stop Kobe, good, but you're only stopping one component of the team. With the triangle offense, you can stop one player, but others can still be offensive threats.

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