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DwadeOverLebron 05-20-2008 10:02 PM

WOW! dantoni who?!?
there is no question we're grabbin rose, after watchin deron and what cp3 did in the past couple of weeks... rose should thank them for raising his stock

beasly is the better player now, but how high do you honestly think his ceiling is? he's really athletic but he's not off the charts athletic like amare, kg, marion etc.. he reminds me of a more athletic skinnier zach randolph which is pretty dam good but not derrick rose potentially good

rose on the other hand, honestly didn't really impress me during the regular season, i thought clearly beasly was the best player in college bball during the regular season, but from watching the tourney, i was thoroughly impressed with his overall game and his strength, very similar "style" to dwade, the only knock on rose is his jumper just like dwade coming into the league, but roses ceiling is much higher than beaslys, even tho beasly is the better player now, rose is potentially a top 3 pg, while beasly is not ever going to be a top 3 sf or pf.

rose is clearly the pick.

i think this is also a very deep class, and i think hinrich is expendable now, hinrichs value is much more higher than ben gordons, and i think we should trade hinrich for a late lottery/mid 1st rounder and draft CDR, im huge on drafting players from the same school in terms of comfortability altho im more than certain rose will be quite comfortable in chicago haha

we also have a early 2nd rounder which i think we can get a steal in this very deep class, i would love to have shasha kahn from kansas with that pick.

but now our next main objective is to select a coach... and i don't like either marc jackson or avery johnson.

how about calipari? maybe with a little bit of calimari?

im MADDDDDDD!!!!!!!! :hammerhead:


HaNdLe ThE RoCk 05-20-2008 10:41 PM

Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?
What about him?

MrEncinas 05-21-2008 04:28 PM

Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
even tho beasly is the better player now, rose is potentially a top 3 pg, while beasly is not ever going to be a top 3 sf or pf.

I disagree. If anything Beasley has shown he can be a top player at his position before Rose. While Rose is an amazing athlete and his intangibles and instincts can make him one of the best PGs (I believe he will be) in the league he does still have a lot to learn. He still needs to improve his overall PG play and his jumpshot, as he's still kinda raw. I just think you won't be able to see some of his best play until he's about 3 years in (most players are like this). As for Beasley the guy screams 20/10 and don't be surprised if he's doing this in his second year. He's an amazing scorer and very good rebounder and he will have that right out of the gate. Beasley still has to improve on parts of his game, as do all rookies coming in. However, his ability to score is something that will be obvious in his rookie year. If taught well he can be a top PF and top scorer in this league.

beau_boy04 05-21-2008 05:43 PM

Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?
D'antoni is not a top notch coach anyways. he might have been the best coach available at that time but he isn't a championship caliber coach.

DwadeOverLebron 05-21-2008 10:59 PM

Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?
whoaaa im convinced, what was i thinking? mr udonis haslem avatar, oh you reside in miami? congrats on the #2 pick btw, since you've sold me on beasley i think ill grab him... but than you were so generous in switching my mind... i think im gonna take rose... just so you can win your championship with beasley... don't trip you can thank me later.


seriously speaking, i am a huge fan of beasley don't get me wrong, i've been tellin people if beasley would've came out last year hypothetically, i would've picked beasley over durant and oden, which should show you how high i am of rose, yess i would grab rose over oden, durant, and beasley if they all came out the same time

as far as coaches yess dantoni isn't a championship caliber coach, since you need to win a championship first to become that, but championship coaches need championship players to win championships.

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