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blazerjimmy 06-07-2008 11:31 AM

Looking Back - Last 10 Drafts
Okay, just thought it would be interesting to look at our last ten drafts - real quick review with my thoughts / recollections:

2007 - Okay, we lucked out and got the #1 pick and took one of the best projected big men to come out in years. Josh McRoberts fell into our laps in the second round - hopefully he'll continue to improve.

We "buy" a pick from Phoenix, that pick just turns into the best player in Europe a year later....we also trade Derrick Byars and cash for the Finnish kid, Kopponen.....verdict's still out on him. We land the starting pg from the National Championship team in the 2nd round and we trade #53 in last year's draft for the #36 pick in this yrs draft (thank you Isaiah!!!!)

2006 - I remember all the "Draft the Stache" crap and I'll be honest with you, I AM a Gonzaga fan.....BUT, I still remember telling my buddies that I would be stoked if we could get Brandon Roy from UW or the Aldridge kid from Texas - my Blazers went out and got them BOTH!!!! Then they got Sergio Rodriguez for cash (someone in Phoenix has got to really be regretting letting both this kid and Rudy Fernandez go for CASH!!!!!:banghead: Then we got the big English kid (Joel Freeland) that I'd been reading about all season...saw somewhere on here where someone said he's only 6'9.....don't know if that's true or not.

2005 - This is a hard year to remember - I can remember not being sold on the Paul kid at all and thinking that Deron Williams was overrated.....I was actually happy with the Webster pick and was completely relieved that we didn't go for fellow high-schooler, Gerald Greene!!!!!

We ended up trading the 27th and 35th picks to Denver for Jarrett Jack - I'll admit, I didn't know anything about Linus Kleiza or Ricky Sanchez - but everyone was saying that Jack was a great pickup - HOWEVER, I can remember at the time, REALLY wanting us to take Ronni Turiaf and Roko Ukic (Croation PG, 6'5 - Toronto took him, he's still playing overseas). I also remember having a discussion about using that second rounder to take a chance on another high schooler, Andray Blatche......SOOOOO happy we didn't go there - he just got arrested the other day for the THIRD time for driving with a suspended driver's license!!!!!!!! MORON!!!!!

2004 - When we took Sebastian Telfair at #13, I almost crapped myself!!! I remember looking at my notes and going "WTF - Jameer Nelson is still available!?!??!?!?!!??" I liked the Monia pick - he was highly touted out of Russia - wasn't at all convinced about Khyrapa - but I remember REALLY being interested in Vujacic - but honestly, I don't think he'd be the player he is today if he hadn't gone to the Lakers (and as a Laker-hater, that is HARD for me to admit). I was actually excited about getting Ha, Seung Jin and I remain convinced to this day that Ha belongs in the league.

2003 - Travis Outlaw, a high school kid from Mississippi - didn't really think we needed another small forward at the time. Sinanovic at #54 - didn't know anything about him - thought Rickert from Minnesota would've been a decent pick.

2002 - Qyntel Woods........I was SOOOO excited about us getting him!!! There had been rumors that Miami would take him, as high as #11....looking back now, it's embarrassing to think how hard I was hoping we would get him and how much I did NOT want us to take the "skinny Prince kid" from Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!! Neither of our second round picks that year really stick out in my mind.....think Jason Jennings played in China for at least one season.

2001 - I was so angry when we took "the chubby kid from Michigan State"!!!! I wanted Brendan Haywood!!!!!

2000 - I did not want Erick Barkley.......thought he'd been completely outplayed in the NCAA tournament by Gonzaga's guards...wanted Dan Langhi or Jake Voshkuhl.

1999 - Roberto Bergerson.............okay, I don't remember this draft at all...oh yeah, because I was in a refugee camp outside Fier, tv, few comms.........I actually kind of miss Albania at times......what was I typing??? Oh yeah, basketball, excuse me!!!! I just saw Leon Smith at pick #29 - I remember this draft now.

1998 - No picks, but three future Blazers were selected this year: Raef LaFrentz, Bonzi Wells and Ruben Patterson.

Okay, that's it - let's hope that this year's draft is a successful one for our Blazers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cheers:

BlazersDozen 06-07-2008 03:20 PM

Re: Looking Back - Last 10 Drafts

This just reminded me how crappy Trader Bob was and John Nash I think it was.

blazerjimmy 06-08-2008 09:21 AM

Re: Looking Back - Last 10 Drafts
Sometimes I wonder if the Suns' handling of the last two drafts in any way contributed to the rift between Coach D'Antoni and Suns' management.....yes, I KNOW him and Kerr are reported to clash on the style of play issue (offensive run and gun team versus defensive team), but I can't help but think that seeing Rodriguez do alright for the Blazers and then to see Fernandez become the best player in Europe........if I'm him, I'd be wondering thoughts like "How much better would Rodriguez be if he was practicing with/against Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa?"

Myth 06-08-2008 04:35 PM

Re: Looking Back - Last 10 Drafts

Originally Posted by blazerjimmy
.......if I'm him, I'd be wondering thoughts like "How much better would Rodriguez be if he was practicing with/against Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa?"

You mean, as opposed to just practicing/goofing off with his non-NBA buddies? :roll:

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