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J-Memphis 08-24-2006 08:34 AM

How to fill the seats in 06-07
Sign Penny Hardaway to a 1 year deal. Let him finish his career as he wants with one more year and one more chance at playing healthy. He has spent the past several months training in Houston and wants a chance.

Memphis has struggled with filling seats as the forum downtown is a tough draw to the large number of fans in the Memphis suburbs. Bringing back the best player from Memphis to finish his career would instantly boost ticket sales for this year.

Its a short term and risky cure, but what else has been thrown out there by anyone besides "better entertainment"?

poindexter 08-24-2006 06:03 PM

I think a Monster Truck event during half time would pull in
more fans than worn out Penny. I would give a shot to Dejuan
Wagner first. Or maybe send a one way ticket to County Commissioner Willingham to Baghdad.

J-Memphis 08-24-2006 06:07 PM

1. Monster truck during halftimke... not logical.
2. No one would go see Wagner... he left Memphis after one year.
3. Worn out or not, people would come to support Penny. He's the best and most popular alumni outside of Larry Finch. If you doubt it, you dont know Memphis sports fans.

think before you roll out your posts... or else just go to the main forum.

poindexter 08-24-2006 06:22 PM

It was a joke dude! Chill!
I am from and grew up in Memphis and have
followed Memphis sports all my life.
You're the one that needs to roll to another forum if you
can't take another opinion.

jailer 08-24-2006 08:52 PM

For real j calm down just jokes.Penny would have been ok like five years ago when he was soso but now he can barely run much les throw down ne more.

J-Memphis 08-24-2006 09:08 PM

ill admit i went haywire... but i wrote that at work... lil stessed bad on that but...

i take other opinions when theyre laid out seriously. i missed your sarcasm... it has to be hardcore for me to catch it sometimes.

i know penny isnt worth anything on the court. im not saying he will help the grizz in any way except draw a few extra (hundred) people to cheer on the Grizz. i dont care if he sits 47 minutes every game, but just having his name called out so fans could support him would bring more people and energy to a dead fedex forum...

if you see any real ways to improve this problem, share them please.

jailer 08-24-2006 09:54 PM

Need I mention antonio burks who was only drafted for fans.It kinda worked a couple of people thought we were more ''real'' now.Now he is probably going to dl or over seas.

J-Memphis 08-24-2006 10:13 PM

true. except penny is more than just a former Tiger to Memphis fans. he is the most known player from memphis in the league today. even non-basketball fans know penny.

but youre right about burks... he'll probably end up in europe next yr

jailer 08-25-2006 09:15 PM

yeah but true fans know what he really is,even though tiger fans wouldnt really care.

poindexter 08-25-2006 09:57 PM

hope everyone has chilled out now
i admit my post was a bit flippant and
i have thought about penny going back to
memphis to play out his career in memphis.
but i dont think he would be a much of a contributor but
more of a curiousity at this stage in his career.
saying that, i was one of his biggest fans in memphis
and orlando and wish he hadn't had injury problems because
he was a really dynamic shooting guard.
but i was completely serious about dejuan wagner. i read
in truth n rumors 5 teams are taking a hard look at him.
he is just 23 and his health problems seem to be over now.
oh yeah, saw Deangelo last night too...i always thought that
other than reggie bush he was the best back in the draft and he
should have gone in the top 10..he is gonna tear up the league

J-Memphis 08-26-2006 01:12 AM

i have nothing against wagner either. i feel more bad for him than anything because of his whole injury deal. i was mad at him at first for leaving so quick. but now after finding so much out so much later, i hope he can just land a job anywhere playing ball and to find his way back into the league. im not sure i want him on the Grizzlies however unless we got rid of dahntay jones, because we do not need to young, scoring gaurds who are inconsistent at best right now.

jailer 08-26-2006 03:13 AM

Man I went and sign dajuan play he was preety damn good.I didnt want to be the one guy not to go see like an "anthony" type of player.It was tottaly worth it.Sucks he got injured so much in league.

poindexter 08-26-2006 08:29 AM

i have a solution. dahntay has had his chance and is too
inconsistent. he needs to go. bring penny back to memphis as
an assistant coach. fratello doesn't relate well with the fans.
get a good young athletic shooting guard (ala wagner) and move miller or jones.

jailer 08-26-2006 12:02 PM

I also thought about penny being a coach but miller is not going anywhere.

knickscity 08-26-2006 02:29 PM

Only a true ticket seller could boost attendance. Penny would only be sentimental, for a few games. Now a player of A.I. caliber would do the trick, but do you want to win , or just fill an arena. If it's the latter then that's why the griz can't get true talent. Stars won't come only to here folks root they name. I truly believe most "stars" want to win. Put a "winning" playoff team on the floor first. Then the stars will come. You have the mystique of Jerry on your side. Although you haven't reaped the benefits yet. But you might one day.

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