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LALakerFan4Life 08-31-2006 04:37 PM

Life After Death Row DVD Released
The long awaited tell-all DVD, Life After Death Row, is finally in many stores now, and available everywhere on Septmeber 5th. The DVD is paired with a soundtrack that includes production from mega-hit producer Scott Storch.

Crooked I documents his experience on leaving Death Row in his recently released DVD, Life After Deathrow. View controversial footage never released to the public, hear Crooked I discusses the positives and negatives of the record label, this infamous record label never fails to stay in the midst of controversy. Hear from artists and label staff who have left the label and why. The DVD contains news clips, police raids, and shootings.

People who contribute to the DVD include Ashanti, Ja Rule, Left Eye, Russell Simmons and other well-known entertainers and entertainment icons.

Crooked I and Left Eye had a very strong business relationship when she fled to Honduras. He expresses the real reasons why Left Eye fled over seas and what was going on with her, and different things that she was experiencing. He had constant communication with her because he was writing music for her at the time. Crooked I has been in legal battles with Suge Knight, and other people at the label for business interference. He feels that if he is not trying to hold them back, then just give him his peace. There were even alleged rumors made by Kurupt in the September issue of XXL that he was still on the label. I am in a new deal now, Suge always said that if I wanted to leave, he was fine with that and he would not hold me back.

Also included is a historical overview of how Death Row started from those who were there from the beginning. Crooked I feels that now it is time for the truth to be told, and his side of the story made known.

This is definitely a DVD you would not want to miss, and is truly worth buying.

Purchase the DVD from any of the following online retailers;

cd Universe
Amazon (USA)
Amazon (Canada)

Crooked I would also like your support to get the DVD in stores that have so far chosen not to stock the DVD. If you could contact the following number(s) and request the DVD it would be appreciated.

Best Buy 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289).
Blockbuster - 1214 854-3000
Tower Records - 1-800-ASK-TOWER (1-800-275-8693)
Hollywood video - 1-8SPEAK-TO-US (1-877-325-8687)

And email Circuit city - and -

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