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Default Re: Draft - hold it, moving up, or moving down.

Chicago commentary - do they move ?

The Raptors not specifically mentioned - only that Chicago and the coaching wont start two rookies at this talent level... i.e. it seems a waste.

Further that 16/19 are not enought to garner a top 3 pick and not enough to garner a Love trade.

That leaves Chicago looking for a package of vetern talent and perhaps trading down.

Given the loss of Deng and his contract - Novak seems like a perfect fit for the Bulls and their lack of scoring punch. I would not be surprised if Novak / Bucyk or De Colo and perhaps a swap of picks 16 - 20 emerges as a strong potental move if the Raptors "have their guy staked out at i.e. 16"
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